The shoe that started it all has finally arrived

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  1. a year and a half ago, i saw Pamela Anderson on the cover of a magazine straddling a chair wearing a skirt and these shoes. i told my wife, if you ever wore these shoes, i'd be in big big trouble. i tried looking for the shoe but couldn't find it. i thought it was because it was an older style and no longer available. i quickly gave up until i saw the shoe surface again on the red carpet a few months ago. additional research led me to the world of Christian Louboutin and the TPF family. i never thought this day would actually come. as you can tell, this is truly an exciting moment and i am happy to share it with all of you.

    without further delay, here they are. the shoe that started it all for me. the Pigalle 120mm in black patent (size 34.5). drum roll please.



  2. OMG I :heart: those shoes so much!
  3. SSSSSSSSSEXYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!:drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:
  4. thanks Chins and Can :smile:.
  5. phew those are hot!
  6. Oh WOW! No wonder you fell in love with them. They are stunners! (Is your girl as excited???) lol ;)
  7. They are perfect BogeyJay! And they are so beautiful on her! Hot! :nuts: Congratulations to you both!

    Thank you again for telling me they were available...I am forever grateful (and so is my husband ;) )
  8. WOW, beautiful!!!
    What is her regular CL size? How much did she size down? TIA
  9. wow those are hot hot hot!
  10. Hotness! Gorgeous! Sexy!
  11. Those are HOTTT!!
  12. That is one hot looking pair of shoes!!
  13. Yep, those will do it... :yes:
  14. BogeyJay-Now that is SEEEEXY!!! I know you were in CL heaven when she put those on. :graucho:
  15. Wow, thoese are stunning!! Your wife is sooo lucky!!