The Shining

  1. Oh my God! I was watching The Shining last night. (I missed the beginning. It was at the part where Jack Nicholson's character was going crazy and chasing people with an axe.)

    He ran outside after his son and his wife was running around the hotel. She runs into a room and all of a sudden I say (out loud . . . I'm by myself) "The bear's blowing the waiter!"

    That sounds REALLY strange out of context, but I remember talking about the movie and the book my freshman year of college. That part was mentioned.
  2. i love this movie!
    actually the start of the movie was jack nicholson started out as a normal person who's taking the chance of this job to find a quiet place for him to finish his book. but somehow the hotel, and them being very secluded turn him crazy, and also about the part where most tennants before him doing this job is turning crazy somehow.
  3. Its a classic movie. It is visually amazing with its use of color, the actors are perfect, and i absolutely loved it.
  4. I love this movie! If you haven't read the book, you really should it is even better than the movie.
  5. I love this movie its great! definitely a classic!:yes:

    The scariest part for me is when the kid sees the twin girls yikes! and when his wife sees the blood coming out of the elevators, the music is just crazy and her expression is priceless!
  6. Absolutely! That was definitely one of the scariest parts! :shocked: