The Shield

  1. I LOVE LOVE this show, the current series just ended in the UK not sure what number maybe 4 or 5 now I have to wait about a year for the new ones :crybaby: :crybaby:

    Anyone else like this show & popular is it elsewhere
  2. I love The Shield! I hear they decided to do another season sometime next year instead of stopping at season 6 like they announced. I don't know if that is true, but I really hope so.

    I also like The Wire, it's an HBO cop drama. You might want to check it out if you can rent it over there.
  3. I :heart: this show. I really hope it comes back. Typically here in the states the new season starts around march.

  4. I really hope that's not true so far every season has been really good (sometimes shows get a bit tired when they go on a while).

    It drives me crazy that I'll have to wait so long and then they put it on at really silly time/nights in the UK and change the times if they want to show something else it's really frustrating
  5. this is one of the few shows hubby and i agree on. we have all the dvd seasons. i'm in love with lem. how cute is he? and i love the way they write vic's character. he's such a corrupt person yet you still empathize and root for him. that's some amazing character development if you ask me. :yes:
  6. I hope so too....but I can't believe they killed Lem:crybaby: :crybaby: , He was the best!

    BTW, the actor that played Lem, Kenny Johnson is on cold case now...yeah, he is such a cuitie, I wish he had a bigger role!
  7. This is my favorite show ever!!

    Ilzabet-- I love Lem too!!!!! He is such a good guy and I think he is super cute...nice and tall:smile:

    I hope this show goes on...I will be crushed when they announce their last season for good:sad:
  8. I also LOVE this show! I hate having to wait so long between seasons. There never seems to be enough episodes either. I have no idea how the Lem situation is going to play out but it will be good! The writing on this show is awesome.
  9. This is one of my favs as well. I hated it when they killed Lem off. I hope it comes back. It's very edgy.
  10. Does anyone have a clue as to who is singing the song in the new The Shield promos? I love that song and can't find out who is singing it.

    I usually see the promos during Dirt on FX. I am going to tvo it next week to try to find out.

  11. It's coming back! Yeah, another 20 episodes, I think that's what I read...and then that's the hoo, but atleast we get more!
  12. I Love this show! My husband's a cop and he can't stand it because he said it's too unrealistic....but who cares?! It's awesome! I cried like a baby when Lem died....Can't wait to see what Vic is gonna do to Shane when he finds out!
  13. When does the season start?? I hope I didn't miss it. Nothing on my tivo yet.
  14. This is kind of late, but the song is "this night" by black lab. I just finished watching the first 4 seasons on DVD. Oh my God, what a ahow!:heart: :heart: :heart: I cannot watch anything else now on TV because it seems so booooooooorrrrrrrrring! I haven't watched season 5 yet, but I already know about LEM (what a spoiler for me).
    My favorite quotes:
    Vic: I don't step aside...I step up.
    Claudette: "Anyone who gets in between those two (Vic and Aceveda) will end up with a hose full of piss between his legs" spoken like a true lady cop!
  15. C'mon girls...keep this thread alive! This season has been awesome so far. Can't believe Cavanaugh came clean and when do you think Vic will find out about Shane? This show has some of the best writers on tv...hands down!