The Shawl vs. Scarf issue revisited.....

  1. I know this is a popular subjest since fall is almost here and we'll be wearing these things, but
    I have an opportunity to get a Stephen Sprouse brown a Leopard cashmere shawl or a leopard silk scarf or a colored monogram shawl-but I don't know what to do? It may be the sprouse shawl(my daughter loves it-price is a little hefty) but I think any kind will do-she just loovvvvvves the scarves and shawls
    What would I/we get the most use from, and FYI -we live in the south and don't get much cold weather....
  2. I live in the tropics -- much hotter than where you are. I bought a Hermes scarf in Paris this summer, and I bought a Hermes cashmere shawl too. The shawl is what I'll wear. The scarf is just too hot to wear around the neck. The shawl is perfect for evenings, for rainy days, for tropical "winter," for going out to dinner when there's air conditioning. I say but the shawl! Great for airplane travel too!
  3. I think the shawl is chic and great for those climates that don't get too cold.
  4. I can't choose between the two lol - I just got the scarf and love it but the shawl would be lovely too -- if you have a lot of scarves may be nice to add the shawl to your collection :smile:
  5. I like shawls! And it could double up as a scarf too if you scrunch it :smile:
  6. both are great actually~~ shawls are great for indoors, like in the office or just dinning out, as you don't want to be too bulked up when your sitting down, so a shawl is nice and light and keeps out the odd chill~

    whereas with scarves, i usually wear in my hair~ be it a ponytail or as a headband and it feels and looks great~ it also adds a whole different look to your outfit :tup:
  7. I say go with the shawl!
  8. I love shawls..!!
  9. I vote for the Stephen Sprouse Shawl ... I am waiting for it to arrive here too ...have no IDEA how I will wear it as it will be summer here soon:tdown:
  10. Thanks everyone for your comments-I really do value them.
    I decides to try the shawl, especially since it is so limited and love leopard. I wear alot of black and love brown with black. Not to mention dark denim, so dress it up and dress it down it will be greatly loved and shared by my daughter and me
    -THANKS AGAIN!!!!!!! You guys are the best !!!~~:tup:
  11. I live in the UK, so our winters are pretty miserable! But I am definatley getting a shawl to wear as a scarf! I think shawls look better on girls than just normal rectangular scarfs. Like you can scrunch it up, tie it loads of different ways etc!
    Cant wait to get mine, but im having the same problem as you, there are too many designs to choose from!
  12. I see you have the LVOE BANDEAU-LOVE BANDEAUS AS WELL!!!!!!!!
  13. i like the shawls!
  14. You made a great choice! Can't wait to see your modeling pics with your new leopard shawl!
  15. I have 5 Louis Vuitton shawls and wear them much more often than any of my Hermès or Louis Vuitton silk scarves.