The "sharing most of your life time" bag

  1. Hello ladies!! I am new to this forum and have been enjoying reading the threads and seeing all those beautiful pictures. To tell you the truth, I have never had a designers bag in my entire life but this year, I'm planning to get a daily bag!! There're millions(zillions?!) of purses/bags on this planet and I want one which is not heavy, middle sized, and which I want to carry everyday for at least 5years. Yes, the bag must be suitable for 2012. LOL Do you ladies have any suggestions for me? or please tell me what your "sharing most of your life time" bag is(don't care if it's from designers or not). I am uploading the pictures of my bag which I had carried everyday for past five years and loved the most. (sorry it's Thank you.
  2. What's your price point (ie, "...and it can't cost over...")? I think your old bag is adorable, btw, and I approve of your reading material next to it! I'm on the verge of recommending a Mulberry but I don't know how much you've budgeted.
  3. Welcome! Oh, my....Yes, you could use a new handbag. Not unlike you, I also carried the same bag for many years until I decided to look for a really nice bag for once in my life. This forum has been a tremendous help as there are alot of very knowledgeable people who are willing to share and help us "newbies". I haven't branched out as much as I would like to as so far I have only acquired Koobas...five at this time. But you're right...the choices are endless. Here is a pic of my favorite bag, so far...A Kooba Renee. It's large, with soft leather, holds alot, is comfortable to carry and not too heavy. I hope that you enjoy your time here and I wish you luck on your quest for the perfect bag. Beware: One may not be enough....(and it becomes oh, so easy to spend on "just one more".)
  4. I'd recommend Mulberry but not their high fashion range. Their bags are superb quality so they will last for years and they are classic styles. I've got a bucket bag (Helier) that I've had for 13 years which I still use and still love (and this from a Gemini who craves constant change!).
    I've just bought two Sohos - one chocolate and one cream and they are fantastic and not too expensive.
  5. daisygamgee, thank you for replying! well, this is the first time for me to buy a designers bag, so I guess I deserve an expensive bag under $2,000. Mulberry! I'll check the bags! oh...have you already read "The good omens"? I just started :smile:
  6. have u seen balenciaga bags???
    it's TDF!
    check ont he balenciaga sub forum to drool over :p
  7. Always glad to say hello and offer advice to a newcomer! For under $2000, honestly, Mulberry is wonderful (okay, I'm a recent convert, I fell in love with a Bayswater recently, I admit it), and you may also want to look at Louis Vuitton--I've had a monogram canvas 35 cm Speedy for over 12 years and it still looks fabulous.

    <i>Good Omens</i> is a wonderfully twisted trip--I hope you like it!
  8. I think my lifetime bag should be my speedy
  9. ciatta, thank you for replying! yes, this forum is amazing!! I love your Kooba and now I know that you're saying "Beware!". hehe Unfortunatelly, here's no kooba store in Tokyo(where I live in). When I saw the Kooba website, I liked "Chiara", but I came to guess myself that I wouldn't like the silver dots for long time. Do you have a plan buying new one?
  10. sarajane, thank you for your suggestion! Mulberry again!! oh I can't believe I haven't checked any of Mulberry bags at all! I wish I could see your 13years old Mulberry. :-P vbmenu_register("postmenu_1716742", true); vbmenu_register("postmenu_1716742", true);
  11. seahorseinstripes, thank you for a suggestion. yes I've seen Balenciagas from celebrities pictures. I love them offcourse!! But they look heavy. Are they?
  12. daisygamgee, thanks again! and knn, thank you for posting! Well... I started to think that The "sharing most of your life time" bag could be two? lol I always loved LV monograms but they are kinda heavy and my best friend already has a she won't like going out w/me if I carry LV. I just looked through the Mulberry bags a bit...they're beautiful!!
  13. I've just got a Mulberry Annie bag that I'm hoping is going to be my 'long term' daily bag. The Darwin leather is supposed to age beautifully over time!

  14. Can't go wrong with Gucci. It's timeless, the neutral color is seasonless and if you buy from a Gucci retailer, your've got lifetime servicing if something should go wrong. Since you seem to like totes, here's a couple of beauties:


  15. Regina- Welcome! What brand is your current tote? I love the look of bags that have been loved. It's like they become "real" :smile:

    Also, no, Balenciaga bags are NOT heavy. V. Light. I don't own one myself, but I have drooled over them at Neiman Marcus.

    Good luck in your search!