The Shanghai club for bags addicts

  1. Been almost half a year since I left home to the great wall of china. I have missed my bags and my fellow bags addict back in sunny land.... hope to reunite with them to continue my bag passion! :biggrin:
  2. I'M HERE, CHIN!! WHERE'S THE REST?! COME ON IN! :yahoo::party:
  3. ^^ hi hi....

    I am still waiting for LT reveal!
  4. Hey...sorry did not see this. Hi Shanghai!! :lol:

    LT -- reveal!!
  5. sing club reopened again. let go back! tks chin for this new club too! shall keep this thread in case sing club closes again! :yahoo:
  6. Chin I'm here. Hello Shanghai!
  7. :lol:
    I am quite happy to stay in Shanghai...:nuts:

    LT in Funan shopping...she has limited access. She say will reveal later.

    Dum dee dee doo doo :rolleyes:

  8. what's ''dum dee dee doo doo"? :biggrin:
  9. LOL! Sing club is reopened!

    We'll go home and chat chat la.
  10. Gd morning Shanghai and to all of you!!..i am happy to join in..:sunshine:
    Chin, i envy u can work in shanghai!..
  11. ^^ me not exactly in SH. I am about 1.5hours away from SH via train. Just that I do my shopping over the weekend in SH...
  12. I'm in!!! Close enough to Shanghai:biggrin:
  13. hello girls! i'll be joining you all very soon ;)

  14. I can't believe I almost missed this story. Very heart-warming... I don't think her hub understands LV but she is special enough for him to just go along.