The semester starts tomorrow... don't want to be bothered!!!

  1. My semester starts tomorrow... people at my school are so different from me. I'm like the only (really, the only) person who carries designer handbags in that college. There's only a few hundred students.

    I just got 2 new Gucci bags... love them. I would love to carry them. I'm afraid everyone's going to bug me. They're big and monogramed.

    I asked this woman I work with for advice. She told me no, bring your bags, don't EVER apologize for something you've worked for. Don't give anyone excuses for it... I'd like to know how to avoid that, giving excuses or explanations.

    I think the reason for most of my insecurities (oh this is getting deep haha!) is because I just don't know what to say yet. I've only carried designer bags for a year now-- I have a growing collection of 6. And yeah... I just don't know what to say. I'm afraid of learning from my own experiences-- I'm sure we've all been bothered for carrying our bags. I've asked a similar question when someone asked me outright if my bag was real and didn't believe it. I was hoping I could get some general advice on what to say in situations you've had. I'm just not confident yet and I'm in a situation where people are a lot different from me but I also don't want to stop carrying them!

    Thanks for advice.
  2. Great conversation starter.

    My response to any ignorant rude persons who asked you if your bag was real or not: "What do you think?". And wink.

    Perhaps your lovely collection is bigger in your eyes than it is to anybody who encounters your bag(s) - in other words, maybe you've created a mountain out of a molehill. Or, put another way, don't worry about what other people may or may not think. Carry your bag with all the class and elegance that it deserves and the path will get easier with time. You had the knowledge and confidence and means to buy what you wanted... and you needn't worry about other people.

    Comprende? Chin up and walk tall and enjoy your lucky life. Indeed, don't be bothered - you're going to school to better yourself, not make a huge fashion impression, right? If you just happen to impress others with your obvious good taste, more power to you, m'dear.
  3. Looks like you think people are going to think of you as a snob and treat you differently. I agree with what the woman told you. Wear the bags. You have to overcome your insecurities. And what better way to start then to simply carry your bags? This doesn't even seem like a big issue to me. And I'm sure most people (on this forum and at the school) aren't going to view it as a big deal. It's just your insecurities.
    If people ask you about your bags, just go along with the conversation. There's nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. Everyone has a vice/interest. Yours may be bags, theirs may be cars, electronics, or donkeys. If you like your bags, then carry them. And if it's something that sets you apart from everybody else at that school, even better. Why blend in with the crowd? If carrying a designer bag in those surroundings makes you unique, I'd so go for it.
  4. Don't let it bother you. Honestly though, a lot of people might actually think your bags are fake if no one carries designer bags at your school (as you said).

    That might work in your favor though. I know no one wants anyone to have their bags be considered as fake but it just might help you feel more comfortable using them and you won't have to worry as much about them being stolen. I hope that makes sense. LOL
  5. If you are one of the few to have one, I would keep them secured when not in use.

    And I agree, wear them!
  6. Dear Adore
    I once heard the phrase "you've got it - now own it". It was in reference to someone having a particular talent - but being insecure about it - but I would think that it also applies in your case (oh and BTW - I am capable of exactly the same feelings...) I am sure that there was something about the beauty of your purses that sang to you - and a part of you felt that you 'deserved' them - and I would say that that is the healthy part - which you have to let take over all of the securities.... because they are yours - and they 'belong' on your shoulder. (Does that make any sense???)

    Regarding what to say - I am really not a quick thinker - so when someone says something - that I feel a bit affronted/offended/hurt etc by - I have learnt to say 'I beg your pardon?' I say it as if I really didn't hear what they just said - but I find that it gives the person time to rethink their question - and they invariably tone down their question.

    Most importantly - I do hope that this semester brings you some great buddies at school....
  7. MEEEEEE TOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I haven't met anyone else like me or in my situation! I live in Dallas but am currently attending a university at hicktown Denton which is about 40 mins away. I am THE only person with a high-end designer bag (or shall I say bags:graucho:) and sometimes I feel uncomfortable. This is why I only have one monogrammed one (gucci) so that people don't stare at it (those that even know what Gucci is). I feel good with my leather ones but find myself nervous about showing the logo or whatever..and I don't even understand why. Today was my first day and I brought my fendi spy. All was well until I opened it in class to find a pen and out comes zuccaaaa (the fendi lining with Z's). LOL I shut my bag quickly. Anyway, I think it'll take time for us to get used to carrying them around in places no one else has one. My whole time at uni I've only seen one gucci (belonging to a teacher), a miu miu coffer, some fake LVs, billions of coaches and dooneys (and fake ones), and a fake spy.

    Whoa ok sorry for rambling. If someone asks you something you can say "yes, I got it at (Neimans)" or "yes, it was a gift", or "yes, I love..(these bags, guccis,..)". I hate it when people say "Is it real?" followed by.."how much was it?". Ugh!
  8. Thanks for this tip..I'm a slow thinker too, especially for questions that insult or hurt me:crybaby:. I'll try this out next time..
  9. Whenever someone asks if my bag is real, I put this look of shock and surprise on my face and answer, "of course!" That usually ends that questioning. Definitely carry your bags with pride:yes:
  10. I agree. This is your money and your decision to spend it on whatever you please. You should be proud of yourself and your bags and show that pride while carrying them. There is no need, of course to have you nose sticking up in the air or anything like that. Just be proud of what you own and if someone has a problem with it, try (I know it is hard) try to ignore it. I was in a similar situation, not a small college, but not a lot of high end bags. I would get the looks, but mostly compliments and it felt good. I graduated last year and get the same respons from the women I work with.

    People will always say what they want and sometimes will say mean things, but you have to have the confidence and pride in yourself.

    BE PROUD and be Confident!!

    Hopefully all of this advice from everyone will worries, everyone goes through this at some point!
  11. Honestly I don't think people will judge you know! I think you think they are going to think you a snob or something because you have designers purses, and you know what you careless. You worked hard for bags, and you should enjoy them no matter what!
  12. I'm sorry that you think Denton is a hicktown. I enjoyed my time there and think it's a nice place. I went to school there and a lot of people from Dallas ended up there and brought their Dallas designer tastes. And yes there a lot of coaches, (I carried one from time to time) but I have also seen fendi's when I was there with the Zucca outfront and center.
    As to the original poster's comments, myy experience has always been in the places where people don't carry a lot of designers, unless the design is out front and center people don't know what it is. My epi LV, my gucci horsebit hobo in the floral pattern, my MJ's, my Luellas', bulgas and botkiers often go unnoticed. And if they do get noticed I proudly show my designer love!!!
    They are always going to be people who are going to ask rude questions. I was in a shoe boutique buying $400 Taryn Rose shoes and was wearing one of my gucci purses and had the lady ask if it was fake. AND she was the proprietor of the store. Whatever! Enjoy your bags and wear them proudly, maybe by seeing your love, they will come to appreciate the beauty of a quality bag and join you in the love!:yes:
  13. ^^ That's another good idea.
    I've seen another thread about this and notblushing said a good one too:

    Q: (sarcastic tone) "Is that REAL?"
    A: (slow, dry, measured, and equally sarcastic) "No, you're imagining it".

    That may be a good answer if someone accuses you of your bag being fake...
    But I don't think I could use it - it doesn't sound half as good in Dutch :p I'll just go with the icy stare...

    But about the mono bags: Just wear whatever you like, and I agree with what the woman you work for said. Carry your bag with pride, you earned it :smile:
  14. Thanks so much you guys, seriously. It helped me so much. I do feel like people will think that I think I'm special for my bags... my problem too is that they are ALL monogramed... and my new Gucci bags in particular are my largest and are monogramed as well as the most expensive.
    Lately I have found a LOT of love for all leather bags and want to add some to my collection. I'll have to wait until my semester is over though so that doesn't help much now.

    However when I went there today I noticed a couple Coach bags! I felt a little more comfortable honestly.

    Thanks so much for the advice!