The Seller who selling $88 B Bags answered me back!

  1. I sent him/her a message and asked how he thinks he can get away with selling fake bags and his response was this just now:

    I am proud that I can got so much Ebay IDs.Iam a genius!

    WE really need to start reporting all his $88 auctions. Hes obviously using other sellers photos also...makes me sick.:wtf:

    oh, I cut and pasted his response, thats why its small.

    oh damn, did I put this thread in the wrong place?
  2. Can someone let me know how to report an auction, that way I can help weed out the scammers.
  3. when you're looking at an auction, scroll all teh way to the bottom of the page, you'll see a "Report this Auction", go thourgh the steps, all the way to e-mail eBay about it, I think it's one 3 different screens as you go.
  4. I have reported several, but ebay doesn't seem to do anything. How many do they need to get per auction?
  5. Thank you!:smile:
  6. OMG!!!! hor dare he answered like that! he's a sick person!
  7. This is so crazy! With the amount Ebay charges for selling items (listing prices, final value amounts, etc.) You think that they could put more money/resources into investigating illegal sales of item on their site.....but than again, with each sale (authentic or not) they still make money!!!!

    Those A$$*&^%$

    :cursing: :cursing: :hysteric: :censor:
  8. I just finished reporting about 30 auctions, then I noticed that alot of the $88 ones disappeared. I think if we all, once a day for a few minutes spend some time reporting some, I bet it will help. We'll bombard ebay with reports of fake bags and then maybe someone will pay attention...nah, silly me, I should know better. I will still report them.
  9. ^Me too!
  10. I have been reporting them too, but only the fake ones that are asking close to retail. I'll start reporting the cheap fake ones too.
  11. I report them every single day. I also send the links of websites that sell fakes and Ebay auctions with fakes to Belanciaga. :lol:
  12. OMG, you have got to be kidding me!!!!!!!!! Why can't ebay track IPs and ban those????? Or can they? I guess if they use dial-up they can't track the IP though.. .there is always a way to outsmart anyone! SICKENING!!!!!!!!

  13. Oh Donna you know you can report the message he sent to you as well? If you go to your message inbox and there is a link on the right where you can report his response to ebay. However I don't know how effective that would be but his response just makes me :yucky:
  14. :wtf: what a scamming nutcase! :confused1:

    although i'm a bit :shame: to admit it i laughed when i first read that sentence, it's just so absurd! genius? :lol: