The Self-Imposed Ban will be lifted.....but now what?

  1. So my last purchase was back in June. The DBF got me my dream bag in July for my birthday (it was an MC Speedy). Since then I haven't bought a single LV or Chanel item (I have been poking my head into the Chanel Boutique and trying some bags on...<<yes, this has been happening since their perfos have come out but, can't justify paying that much for a flap bag>>.)

    With this ban, I wasn't able to celebrate my "LV Anniversary" back in August. Plus, the only bag I have been really drooling over is that Berkeley -- if it'll ever be released! Now, with the LV meet coming up this weekend, PSN in November, and USD/CAD at par.....what to do! I don't really feel like buying anything or is this because I haven't found a bag I'm drooling over? I mean there are a lot of TDF bags..but not one I'm yearning for. Is this what happens when you're on a ban? I thought binging was supposed to happen around this time? What ever happened to the list getting longer as the ban goes?

    It's not that I'm over LV...or is it? Is it because I have been spending cash to furnish a brand new house (which I am overwhelmed with -- but fun). He actually thought I couldn't get through my self-imposed ban. The BF thinks I'm going to want something this weekend (which he'll probably buy for me) for our meet -- but what? But as I am finishing it, I'm not in an enabled mood. I feel so blah!!
  2. Hmmmm. If you are not crazy over anything- don't just buy something to have it. You will easily become board with it most likely. BUT (hehe) if you really want to pick something up, how about that Berkley you've been drooling over? OR a luggage piece? a keepall perhaps? Luggage will defintley get used- and stay in your collection for a while. Can't wait to here what you decide!
  3. AND congrats on your new house and making it through your ban!!!
  4. ^^Thanks mmcgurgan. Having the new house I guess, made it easy for me to get through the ban.

    Love your avatar....I have been going through threads with pics of the mirage speedy! :drool: Is it more structured than the other speedies? (does it hold it's shape more?)
  5. wait until you yearn for an LV again! :smile: congrats on the new house
  6. I'm sure you'll know when it's the right time for a new LV ... in the mean congrats and enjoy your new house!
  7. Thanks everyone for your responses!

    I think I've been in this weird mood because I've been looking at too many couches, beds, dishes, etc...not enough LV! :yes:

    I have been going back and forth at the beautiful pics of DeluxeDuck's anthracite Bequia, Wantmore's, and Mmcgurgan's Speedies, and I'm slowly starting to get that "warm fuzzy feeling" again...if ya know what I mean..:graucho:.

    So to test the waters, I figured I would go with something I would need as well as want -- necessity, right? Well, I've been thinking....I don't have a tote style bag yet, and with winter coming up, I usually bring more with me when I go to work. I would rather have a tote bag with everything in it than have my Duomo in one hand and another gym bag in the other.

    So, I ask a favor....please help me find that perfect tote bag. TIA:tup:
  8. Congrats on your new house! I can't help on a tote....I'm a speedy gal. I love my neo cabby though, but it's not a tote.
  9. I know, I'm a hand-held bag girl myself. That's probably why I'm having trouble with this one. I usually know which one to get except this time. I did try the neo-cabby on for size back in july (and had a chance to buy it but the BF is not partial to the denim just yet). I love the size of it and it's strap.

    I kinda have chubby arms, so I need straps that would have no problem going over my jacket as well as my!