The secrets that we keep, come on, spill!!!!

  1. My funny little handbag story..... MEN!!!!

    My DH has wanted a boat forever. Nothing fancy, just one of those flat bottom Jon boats to go in the lake with. My first response was, "geez, those things are so expensive", (I know, alot of nerve, right?) Anyway, he decided to cash in a couple of vacation weeks and buy his boat complete with motor, trailer, etc...So, now, let me get to the point. DH was feeling guilty for spending a big chunk of money on himself, so......He says, "There's about $1000.00 left, why don't you buy yourself a purse or something :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Now I just have to decide which one I am going to pull out from under the bed and tell him that he bought me?!??!? LOL!!!! So ladies, SPILL!!! Time for true confessions!!!! Whatcha' got hidin' under that bed?!??!!? HAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!
  2. :lol:

    Oh, you are so sweet. lol I was reading and thought you were going to buy a new one, but you're gonna pull one you already have from under the bed. Awww. LOL! I'm kinda serious, don't know if I would have even thought about doing that. I'm so bad, I probably would have gotten another bag. I'm such a ......

    crack me up...
  3. What a great bf of 4 years is pretty good about my handbag habit, but I think that might change when we get married. I am trying really hard to break him in, but who knows how effetive it has been. I have fibbed a little on exactly how much some of them cost...only because he can't appreciate the more expensive GH bbags! Good luck ladies, I think we can always find a way to sneak a beautiful handbag into our lives!
  4. Haha - great story!!! DH just KNOWS I have stuff hiding in their dustbags, waiting to be brought out in his presence... OF course I try to do it in small doses LOL. It helps that I pay for them myself (for the most part) and that he has a short memory (so I can't complain when he forgets other things - haha) but SERIOUSLY - if he offered to buy me another bag, I would SO take it:yes:

  5. :roflmfao: thats t:huh:o funny.... hahaha.. or you could always use the line.." Oh, that bag... thats reeaallllyyy old.. i got that a lo:huh:Onnng time ago... you don't remember?" hehehe :whistle:
  6. Hilarious! I'm glad I don't have to hide bags because I buy them with my own fun money, DH has asked how much they are but I won't tell him, he'd never understand. And I certainly couldn't physically hide anything from him anyways :angel: I'd feel too weird.
  7. My DH has no clue what I have. He didn't even pay attention what I am carrying daily. Should I feel happy or sad??? LOL....
  8. OMG! I do the "that ol' thing" routine ALL the time!!! The only time I fess up to being bad is when I am RETURNING a bag- then I point out how GOOD I am being by returning the expensive bag. :roflmfao::devil:
  9. ^ lol. you guys are a hoot!:roflmfao:
  10. I try and keep my SO out of the spare room where my bags live. If he's looking for something, I always volunteer to check in the spare room, while he looks elsewhere.

  11. Well, one of the few times that DH ventured into NM with me, he picked up a bag and said, "this one is nice, I love the color". He then looked at the tag and said, "HOW MUCH IS THIS??", "DOES THIS SAY $1845.00?" :cursing: So, I said, "I know, these woman are CRAZY, don't they know they can get the same bag on E*** for $300.00?? :roflmfao: Now he thinks I am the smartest shopper around!!!! :yes: Then, as he tells me he needs dress shoes for an upcoming conference I tell him to head right over to Payless!!! I mean come on, one conference a year does not justify $300 dress shoes!! There won't be a man in the room who gives a darn what shoes he is wearing!! HAHAHHAA!!!! Boy, am I selfish or WHAT?!?!?!?!?
  12. Purse-Ooooh

    I LOVE your stories...particularly the payless trip you sent DH on!!! I've borrowed a page from jbcesq...always pointing out my returns & bragging on myself. It sounds so shallow to say that :smile:

    DH recently went to NY & I told him if time allowed to just "look." I reminded him that I have been so good lately returning my last 3 or 4 handbag purchases for one reason or another. Well, it must have worked because he returned with a gorgeous patent Chloe that I just adore!

    I think I'm breaking him in gradually which was never by design but he really seems to get it. See...they can be trained afterall :smile:
  13. lmao! too hilarious, Purse-Ooooh :lol:
  14. :wtf:
    Purse-Ooooh, how do you know I hide my new bags under my bed? :roflmfao:
    I did it with the lovely vert gazon I bought a couple of weeks ago from a very nice TPFer. It was the perfect size I could hide inside my city (the shoulder arrived where my boyfriend and I both work :sweatdrop:).
    At home, as soon as he jumped on the sofa to watch tv, waiting for dinner... I put the shoulder under the bed. I still haven't used it... I will do it one evening... when I know we'll be going out for dinner and having a good glass (or more) of red wine.
    Then maybe he'll ask me "is it new?" :angel: but he'll forget whatever I'll reply.
  15. :okay: Of course.. I always pay A HALF of what I really pay, for him.
    Even less than a half. And so I can complain if he spends too much on computers, PS, technology in general...:graucho:
    I'm definitely a smart shopper when we have to decide if a new television is necessary.