The Secret

  1. My mother's boss lend her The Secret DVD and we watched it yesterday.

    All it is about is having a positive attitude and life can be a little bit easier. The Secret is basically a motivational DVD or book.

    I bought the book today, thinking it would be good to read whenever I feel discouraged.

    Has anyone seen the DVD or looked at the book?
  2. my mom read the book last summer and was obsessed with it for a month, everytime she got a good parking spot she said it was "the secret" HAHAHA!! and she would put the book whereever I was sitting to try and make me read it. She's over it now tho
  3. So your mom agrees that positive thinking does work to her advantage?
  4. I have read the book and seen the DVD. It really is about positive thinking and it makes us realize that you can attract negative experiences though negative thinking. Some people take this too far. I personally don't believe that major illmesses or disasters are the result of negative thinking, but I do believe that if you give out negative energy it is harder to attract the positive things in life you hope to achieve. The Law of Attraction is just one secret of life. It reminds us to think through what our goals are and to focus our energies on obtaining them.
  5. I haven't read this book or seen the DVD yet, but I have read a probably similar book called Excuse Me, your Life is Waiting by (the late) Lynn Grabhorn. It's similar material, where our vibrations will attract/repel happenings and events in our lives.

    powerful stuff!
  6. I kind of agree with the positive vibes thing, but I was disappointed in the book and the video. They were too vague, IMO. I think Tony Robbins stated it just as well, and gave better advice on goal setting to actually achieve what you want.
  7. I love how people make millions of dollars off things that seem rather obvious. It's better if you think positive instead of negative?? Really? Here's my 20 bucks so I can buy your book to tell me what a 10 year old knows.
  8. I don't understand what the big deal is and why it's called the secret. It's no secret, but you either believe it or you don't. That's it.

    I also think it's a little bit of a placebo. If someone wants to believe in something hard enough they'll do whatever it takes.
  9. I actually saw the movie and read the book. the book is word for word the movie. But as charles stated it's all common sense. My friends mom was OBSESSED with it!! everything was the secret, this the secret that. I have actually read the book Bring out the magic in your mind. By Al Koran. Its really old The same thing as the secret. also a little side note Al Koran was actually a woman and that was her pen name, she didnt think people would take her serious. The same principals and belifes as the secret, just older and not seen on oprah.
  10. my moms obsessed with it.
    she asked the universe for a partner, and she found someone but they didnt quite fit her standards. (that person smoked) so my mom then asked the universe more specific needs, and now her partner she found doesnt smoke.

    i tried it a couple of times.. i asked for clear skin (i have really bad acne for YEARS) and now its going away. i tell myself, "thank you universe for my baby soft clear skin." and i never tell myself, "geez, another pimple??" i just say, 'wow, my skin is so clear!" maybe coincidence? im not using anything different, and still just as stressed. im not sure if the secret really works or if its just a coincidence, but either way somethings happening. so ill just keep sounding like a doofus in front of the mirror saying what i say because something is working! ahahhahaaa!!
  11. I've asked the universe for a millions dollars. *crosses fingers!!*
  12. "Dear universe, Charles will give me half of his million. Tax free."

    Haha, I've heard you cant really "ask" because there's some doubt in "asking". So tell the universe Charles!! (Charles speaking to universe) "Thank you for giving me a million". AHAHHAA!! That way theres no doubt. HAHAHHAAA!!
  13. I saw the movie and skimmed through the book. I'm all about positive thinking (well I try to be!) It's hard sometimes. But this message, "law of attractive", "all is mind", is centuries old.
  14. Dear universe,

    Give me a million dollars, *****!

  15. ^^^:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: