The Secret Life of Pets (2016)

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  1. Has anyone seen The Secret Life of Pets yet? It came out a week or so ago in cinemas here in the UK and is out today in the US.

    I am such an animal lover - and have a Pug (so the ad with the pug makes me laugh!) - and I think this'll be a great film.

    IMDb link:
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  2. I really want to see this!
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  3. I am dying to see this! The Boston Terrier doing the toilet "keg stand" is hilarious. I've had the days counted down for nearly a year.
  4. I love the Happy Meal toys they have out now. I just got the Max plush! I love the face on the Pug and the Basset Hound looks mean! lol Which one do you like the best?

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  5. I so want to see this!

    I have a pug so I can relate to the face (and now I have to try to snag one in a Happy Meal--I don't even know what comes in a Happy Meal).
  6. I got the Max as well. I'd love to get the Jack Russell plush!
  7. Max is the Jack Russell!
  8. This entire time I've thought Max was the rabbit that Kevin Hart voiced

    I really do need to see the movie and catch up!
  9. LOL! The Rabbit's name is Snowball!
  10. Aww so cute!! I want Max and Duke!
  11. My McDonald's only had Max and Duke available and I chose Max! Here he is:

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  12. Going to California for the weekend. My DD & I will go see the movie while I'm there.
  13. I'm not usually a fan of movies like this but because it has a pug and I'm obsessed with pets and pugs, I need to see this one!
  14. I just realized it even says it on his ear tag! I'm blaming a long week at work for my total lack of brain power!
  15. If McDonald's in the UK are doing those toys with the happy meal I am definitely going to get one :biggrin:

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