The Secret Life of Haute Couture

  1. I am watching this on PBS right now. Looks like it was done a few years ago but these ladies are FREAKIN FABULOUS!!!! The show followed a few women in the "haute couture club" to the Paris fashion shows. It is a very secretive club, no one talks about money, prices, what they have. Some women showed some of their favorite haute couture pieces. They even interviewed Karl Lagerfield and John Galliano! Ivanka Trump was there with a philanthropist from Texas who husband is an oil and gas tycoon. All the woman said that the pieces are an investment, a wearable form of art. They also said that once they are done with the pieces they donate them to a museum and that becomes a write-off. If you happen to see this show coming up make sure you watch it.

    And I forgot to mention that once the shows are over the cub member goes to the fashion houses to look at the pieces. If that can fit the item that was worn in the show, they get it at a 30% discount, else it is full price. For the club member who cannot make it to Paris, the items go to them accompanied by an assistant from the house and a seamstress.
  2. wow seems like something i would have liked to have watched. If i ever come across it on tv, i will def watch. thanks for the heads up!
  3. It come on again today. It was not an American production.

    They showed the Paris shows for Valentino, Dior, Channel, and one other designer ( can't remember). Victoria Beckam's hair was dark and long if that helps to date the show.

    Does anyone own any haute couture items? Please share!
  4. yeah...i saw this one a couple of months was really intersting...the whole idea behind any secret society is one thing...but a fashion secret society...fasciating...

    and yep...those ladies were definitely fabulous!