The secret behind RM's Matinee...

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  1. [​IMG]

    We've now established once and for all where Rebecca Minkoff found inspiration for her Matinee bag.


    No doubt! :twisted:

    Blame Megs' aunt Julie for this one. Wish I had a better picture of Michael's epic shoulder wings!
  2. Vlad did this... and thinks it is hilarious!
  3. But I said, he is the King of Pop and she is the Queen on Bags!!
  4. omg....:roflmfao:
  5. lolol!!!
  6. Michael's jacket also seems to be the inspiration for the Plan B, as well:P
  7. LMAO!!! You guys are hilarious! A match made in heaven. :yes:
  8. OMG- this picture dreads me each time I see it because of this thread...

    If this picture was inspiration for her matinee bag, then i bought the bag that inspired her. I bought this black/red matinee off a seller on ebay, and it is absolutely gorgeous! It has a special RM stamp on one of the sides, and the insides of the outside pockets are red suede. The black leather is THICK and buttery and iMO its just a beauty! It has gold hardware with the tassels. And ya as soon as seeing this thread I busted out the camera at work hehehe

    The more I think about it i wanna brag more and more because if "the secret behind RM's Matinee" is true, then I have her inspiration bag! :P (lol don't bust my bubble!)
  9. If you notice, you can even see she incorporated some of the stitching details on MJ's coat onto the matinee (above the front zipper)
  10. Wow Desi! The leather looks TDF! :drool: It's beautiful! Does it feel as soft as it looks?
  11. yes its softer DEE! I heart it!
  12. LOL great observation!!!

    And Desi - I wanna see pics of your Michael Jackson impersonator bag!! For real, the leather looks TDF and I love the colour combo!!!
  13. :roflmfao:
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: Thanks for the laugh you guys!! Just what I needed to battle another slow day at work!
  15. hehhe too funny!