The second classic flap...what color?

  1. From what I've read here the consensus is that black is the most practical color for a first 2.55 bag.

    So, in your opinion, what color is the best choice for a second classic flap?
  2. white. or a brown/tan
  3. ^ITA or a red flavor
  4. IMO, a white one . But then a red one or a brown one would be great, omg, I'm soooo confused:shrugs:. Too many lovely colors, not enough funds:crybaby: waahhhhhhhhh
  5. I'm building my staples now.
    I have a metallic black Luxe Flap, am getting a brown Grand Shopping tote for the F/W and now I am scouting red shades. . . may go w/ the Gaucho instead though:shrugs:
  6. I second that. At first I thought I wanted the white, then I wanted the pink, now I think a light beige/ivory color would be nice. Then again, a red classic flap would be so sharp...:hysteric:
  7. i have a white/gold flap for my first flap. it's actually slightly different from the classic flap. my second flap is a black/silver flap from the vintage ligne line...on hold for me right now...can't wait to get it.
  8. Def white. Balck is gorgeous and sexy but white is sweet and glam.
  9. I'd say go for white or beige! ;)

  10. my local NM is having their trunk show august 3. i can't wait.

    i recently saw a navy one with silver hardware. definitely was a looker.
  11. beige or white. But I like beige better.
  12. beige
  13. for timeless wear, go with the white or beige.

    pink is a hard color to match up, although it's fun to look at.
  14. I think the dark brown caviar is beautiful. But you also cannot go wrong with a beige or white caviar flap. Navy is nice too but probably too close to your black.
  15. Red or brown, not a fan of white.