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  1. Ok, so about a month ago I bid on a lot of two CB pochettes and I wasn't expecting to really buy them so I bid max $300. The auction ended at around $600 and I didn't really consider it or anything. Today, I received an email from saying that the seller has offered me a second chance offer...for the $300 I bid!
    For two pochettes, that's a really good deal and so I accepted...I've looked at the feedback of the seller before, and the pictures look totally legit, plus the Second Chance Offer email was actually from eBay (I remember fashionphile said that one time a scammer gave one of the bidders of her items a second chance offer and scammed her, taking her money, the girl thought fashionphile actually did give her to offer, but in reality, she didn't)

    I haven't paid the seller yet but I'm having some doubts now...can you give a second chance offer to more than one person at a time? This auction is a one-day listing which is fishy, but the auction was totally legit when it first was listed. I'm just worried that the seller is giving all sorts of people the same 2nd chance offer, scamming all of them and taking all of their money...

    Here is the auction that eBay sent me: Louis Vuitton LOT 2 AUTHENTIC Cherry Blossom Pochette (item 110040611793 end time 04-Oct-06 14:35:18 EDT)

    What do you think? Should I be worried or is this a really good deal?
    If my items don't come...I can always file a claim with PayPal, right?

    BTW, here is the first listed auction: Louis Vuitton LOT 2 AUTHENTIC Cherry Blossom Pochette (item 110035750588 end time 21-Sep-06 15:49:30 EDT)
  2. I would be skeptical. Email the seller in the original auction and ask if she really did send you a second offer. This happened to my dad once, and he emailed the original seller and the seller responded saying that he didn't offer anyone a second offer. If it seems really sketcy, report it to ebay and let them handle it.
  3. DO NOT accept any second chance offers unless you check it out with the buyers AND sellers of the items... IT COULD BE A SCAM!
  4. Hmm..did you check your ebay message?? make sure second chance offer is legit from ebay. I watched that auction before but didn't bid.I need more pics..

    I am bit skeptical..
  5. I agree with what they other ladies said. Definitely email the seller, and maybe even the buyer. See if they didn't go through with their transaction.
  6. I would definitely exercise caution on this offer, esp. since the close-up pictures lack clarity. It sounds too good to be true, imo. Did you ask about the heat stamps? Not that that would help, but still...
  7. It looks too good to be true. She could get more money for selling the bags separately. How is she offering a second chance? Does she have 4 bags total? If these are real it's a great deal for you, and you should sell them again.
  8. :shame:
    I'd say away, why would they take 300$ over a bid that was 500+ there are several bids higher then yours. Just seems too odd to me and i'd stay away.

  9. I receive second chance offers often and I dont bother to accept it. You could 1) look at the original listing and see if the transaction has completed. 2)email the original seller and ask if they sent a second chance offer. Good Luck.
  10. 2 CB pochettes for $300 are you kidding me.

    stay away
  11. I have sold a few things on ebay. When a listing ends, the seller has a chance to send the offers to 2 people I think. I did that once, heard from the person & sold it. I think it's secure if it comes from ebay, & not from someone through an email.
  12. This does not sound legit to me - just doesn't make any sense.
  13. The bags in the auction pics look authentic (from the far-away poses) but I would ask for more detailed pics, or get someone from to help you authenticate them for $5. And email the seller to make sure this is not a scam. I forgot to check the auction again to see if it was a Public auction. If it is, then you can also email the high bidder and ask why she didn't pay - thus resulting in the 2nd chance offer to you. Just cover all your bases first. It MAY still be a legit deal (though unlikely)...we of little faith...
  14. yes, you can give a second chance offer to 3 persons i believe and you can choose whether the listing should be 1 day or longer. don't know if that's a scam though. the price seems really low...

  15. Yeah I bid on an item of clothing and wasnt very close to winning. When the auction ended, I got a second chance offer, so 2 or 3 other bidders ahead of me must have also. But it was from a popular clothing brand with different sizes offered, so I could see how they could have several of these items available to sell to many people. But CB pochettes? Does she have a bunch of them in her house? Then they must be fake I guess. And if she sold to the original buyer, which are the ones in the picture? Why did it take so long for you to get the offer? The auction ended a month ago?

    Try to get more info before you pay. Paypal is very slooooooooow to give you your money back. I had a dispute with an ebay buyer and it took over a year to resolve.
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