THE SCOOP on STEP (aka Stepping Out)

  1. I just got off the phone with Terry to order my orders for fall and got the scoop on step.

    The step (aka Stepping out)
    (1) a cross between the city and the Brief like we had predicted!! It will be smaller than the brief, a little bit wider at the opening.
    (2) It doesn't come in the giant hardware. It will only come in the regular hardware.
    (3) It is $1195

    The Day Off bag
    (1) Now this is the bag that ICB has been takling about. It is bigger than the weekender. This comes in all different hardwares.

    The Giant Hobo
    THe Giant Hobo is available in the new colors however will not come in regular hardware and we wont be able to special order them either.

    This is the scoop I got so far. Hope it clears off some confusions

    I put my name down for
    -city in steel with regular
    -city in steel Giant Silver Hardware
    (I'll choose between these two)
    -city in yellow with GH.
    -Giant Hobo in yellow.
    (I'll choose between these two)
  2. WOW! Thanks for the info.! Did she tell you the measurements of the Step? Gosh, I really wish they would make the New Hobo in RH!
  3. I did ask, and she said she doesn't know the exact measurements because they didn't get to measure it and it's been long since she's seen them.

    However she said it will be difinitely smaller than the brief. I guess you can kind of infer by the fact that it's less expensive than the brief...
  4. Yes, thanks for clearing it out!

    Daphne confused the names of the bags.

    LOL. The SA's normally tell people that they can only waitlist for 2 items however if you're a frequent customer you can waitlist for as many as you'd like.
  5. what color is steel?
  6. Plomb
  7. is that similar to the anthracite?
  8. No, INC made it sound like it is a deep dark grey!
  9. Thank you for the information. Balenciaga is starting to annoy me. I don't like things shoved at me and I'm getting annoyed because I feel they are pushing the GH on a majority of the bags. If they can make huge silver things they can make the regular hardware in silver too.
    I think they want to push these because they can get more $$ for the GH without raising the prices on the other bags.
  10. Thanks for the info! I'm considering this style but not sure what color yet.
  11. deeeep gray!!!! yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!
  12. Yes, this is deep dark gray without the "UNDERTONES" that anthracite had...just one look at the STEEL and you can definitely tell that it's a deep gray.

  13. I know...I really wish they made this bag in RH but since they are not I might try the SGH (since I am a silver/white gold kind of person) but I don't know with what color. I was thinking Steel would look pretty with the SGH.
  14. Sorry, so the STEPPING OUT is the smaller bag (crossover between BRIEF and City)

    The much bigger bag is the ESCAPADE (US $2195)...which will only come in:

  15. Thanks For The Info!!!