The scoop on 866 and misinformation.

  1. So I know alot of you probably know this, but for those who don't.

    The reason there is so much disinformation on 866, especially on hot items like miroir and the hearts is that so many times the computer will show there are items, but most of the times they are on hold. So they have to call each store and ask. Many times the stores will say they are all on hold, no matter what so they can go to their VICs.

    Also, many times, they are too lazy to call every store that the computer shows inventory, when they think they are all on hold....or if the item is old, to be told, no computer glitch.
  2. i guess it makes sense so I guess the moral of the story is call every store you can because they can't be bothered to it for you
  3. ^^This is why I just ask them what stores have the items I want and then call the stores myself.
  4. ^^ ITA :yes: That is the ONLY way to get what you want yourself. I've had to do this on more than one occasions :mad:
  5. ^I did get the stores this last time, but 866 picks up the phone anyway.:confused1:

  6. Well, :shame: , since I've called 866 so many times, I have managed to collect myself a little collection of store direct numbers. Also, sometimes I'll just tell them to connect ME to the store so I can ask them myself. I just don't trust them to ask what I want to know, kwim?
  7. Thanks, Traci!
  8. Thanks for the info.
  9. i would just say "okay, can you tell me what stores are showing availablity? i will call them myself." this happened to me the other day. i called a store and was connected to 866, and she was very nice to me. she checked a couple stores and their flat pouches were already on hold, but i left my number with her in case she found a store that had one available. a few minutes later i called 866 directly and spoke with a male rep. he quickly looked and came back saying, "there is only 10 showing in the system in the entire united states and they have all been spoken for." i just accepted this and hung up, but what do you know when not 10 minutes later i get a call from seattle telling me they have one. obviously there was a store that had one available, but he was just too lazy to call around and see if there was one not on hold. luckily the very nice lady rep was helping me in the mean time :biggrin: :yes:
  10. Yeah I just call my store. 866 USED to be helpful before LV got so much more popular (that was how my mom got my fuchsia Lexington and CB pochette) I think they're most helpful for bags that aren't Limited run/limited edition.
  11. I was recently looking for something and 866 told me it was sold I started calling every store and I got lucky on my 5th or 6th try...
  12. So many examples of the same thing :sad:
  13. Wow- this is to bad... I have never had a problem at all with 866-
    they have always found what I was looking for...
  14. I've been calling for a silver pochette since January and always got the same answer : "limited edition sold out nationwide"Funny part is that I found it last week calling directly the Ohio store. FYI 866 is a company that answer the call for LV they are not Louis Vuitton Staff so they really don't care.
  15. my bf lucked out and found me a azur pochette..i guess you just gotta keep bugging them...he said he called 3-4 times before finally locating one.