The School Girls Club!!! =D

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  1. Anyone here that are still in school and would like to share your experience carrying LV bags to school? Feel free to spill it all!!!!:tup:

    I'm a senior in high school and purchased my first LV last year and i just LOVE carrying desinger bags, especially LV! No matter what people say about me how i'm spoil this and that, i can careless. Because no one in school really knows how i bought my LV besides my friends. I bought my first piece with my own hard earned money :yes:!!! Then again, whatever... What really bugs me is everytime i see other high school girls trying to pull off their ugly fakes bought from "god knows where" lol, maybe down in an alley or let's not get there. When i ask them about the bag and they insisted that it is real and recieved it as a gift from an aunt or a friend and story goes on :yucky:. I just hate it, c'mon it's not like i can't tell how bad the quality of your bag is. But to be nice, i stay quiet and stay cool.
  2. Please delete this thread, i made a duplication by accident. Thanks!
  3. I think this is a great thread, i havent had the experience yet of taking my damier ebony speedy to college (UK version of high school, i think) yet and not becuase of what people or friends would say, i just dont really want to just yet cause i consider that to be more of my 'bag' that i use on a everyday basis apart from college and i'm glad you dont care what people think as me also both my speed and zippy coin purse are all through my hard savings and i appericate them more becuase of that.
  4. This is a neat thread!
    I'm just finishing my second year of university, and last summer I worked my BUTT off(literally!!) to purchase my first LV! And so the obsession begins, lol! I decided to work full time over the summer because I anticipated buying a new Speedy 30, however I found an amazing vintage speedy 25 on eBay for a fraction of the price.:yahoo:
    I carried her to school a few times this semester on the days when I didn't have a lot of books to carry. Here where i'm from there aren't many students who live locally that have LV, but there are a lot of foreign students who have gorgeous bags!!:drool:
    I'm a little self concious about carrying her because not a whole lot of people around here own LV, there's not even a store in my province!!
    I do however just adore her and am getting used to not caring what other people think when they stare! I just don't like drawing attention to myself:shame:
  5. Hi everyone,
    I'm in my third year of school at UIC as a transfer student and last year as my treat for receiving my Associates I saved up and purchased a Monogram Lockit.

    After seeing and appreciating the quality of LV bags, my obsession started and I am now up to 5 bags: MC Alma, MC Rita, Monogram Eva, Monogram Speedy 25, and finally the Lockit. I also have the MC Astropil, the Sweet Flowers Mini scarf, and MC Agenda (gently used from ebay). I have to say that while some are gifts from my boyfriend for Christmas, birthday, ect., the majority I saved up and purchased and it has given me a great deal of satisfaction knowing I did it, be it from money from my part time job as a vet technician, my extra scholarships, returns:graucho:

    I feel that studying to be an industrial designer has given me a better appreciation for fine designer goods and they inspire me to try and work to that standard. Going to school in the Chicago Loop, I see a lot of LV, mostly authentic, some fake however, yet it feels good to share the love of LV.

    Sorry for the long speech, but I think this is a great thread and its nice to share my experiences as a student with LV with all of you :smile:
  6. Keep the stories coming!!!
  7. Pictures are welcomed as well =D
  8. I have to say this again, I really do love this thread!!
    A little update for you poonski, I recently purchased a petit bucket bag and am no awaiting for its arrival! It will be my second LV purchased with my own hard earned cash lol. It should arrive in a few days, I would love to post some pictures! I still have not posted pictures of my speedy on tPF yet, too busy with school work !!:rolleyes:
    I will post an update when I receive her!!
  9. my school bag, the trunks & bag shopper


    i'm currently alternating between this one and my balenciaga messenger, because sometimes i need to carry loaads of books and they just don't fit. but otherwise it's quite practical, i love the fact that there's loads of pockets. i'm thinking about buying the Palermo to carry to school, but i'm hesitating because i just bought a Goyard St Louis, and it looks quite similar.
  10. Yeh i can join! Im in my last year of highschool and I usually carry my Mono Cabas Mezzo to school it is so awesome and 10000000000x better than a backpack! :biggrin: it fits like 3 ringbinders in! I also carry my Rubis salina from time to time :biggrin: I dont feel that self concious using my LV anymore, i think people at my school are used to seeing it (there are so many people using fakes) and so its not a big deal. I kind of like not having attention drawn to myself :biggrin:
  11. Hi! I'm a senior in high school (only 19 more days left!!) and this weekend I ordered my first LV...a Damier Speedy 30. It is my grad present from my parents and I cannot wait to get it! I have been checking the shipping stuff on it like 24/7 and it just shipped this aftermoon! :yahoo:
  12. ^^! awesome wot a fab present :biggrin::biggrin:

    Wow only 19 more days! Im on term break atm but in a week i go back to school lol, i still have 3 terms of school left!

    You must post pics wen it arrives
  13. lol I do this all the time!! I'm constantly checking my tracking number to see where my bag is!!:P
    I hope you like your bag, post pics when you receive it!!:tup:
  14. ^hey ilovescuteshoes, I love sailing too!
    it is my absolute favorite thing to do, i like to sail lasers with my friends, but i race cal 20s every week. lol. random

    well, i am a sophomore in high school, and i alternate between my neverfull mm, my neverfull pm (for easy days) my chanel cambon tote, and my blue and green epi noe.

    i am currently waiting on a vernis houston, and i am getting a tahitiennes bag soon after.
    the rest of my bags aren't really functional for school.

    P.S. sorichsopretty, i would do anything to get a globe shopper mm in blue, by absolute DREEEEEEAAAAAAM!!!
  15. Hello bvbirdygirl!!
    Really? that's awesome! I love the water, and being out on the water! I'm going to be racing J22's this summer just at my Yacht club. I have a 12' sailboat myself too that was made by someone, I love it! I bet its a lot warmer sailing in California! lol

    My summer courses start up in a couple of days, so I will post some pics after class!