*The Scarf/Bandana/Shawl club*

  1. Got the last one left in the USA-Don't know why it took me so darn long to know I wanted this-it is beautiful! Each corner flower represents a season.:smile:
    Aiko 4 seasons-the woman in the middle stands for beauty...
    DSC00251.jpg DSC00250.jpg DSC00247.jpg
  2. I got the blue lagoon zebra stole last month, I had a defective one sent to me on my original phone order and was just going to return since I was doubting spending so much on something that did not seem very durable, but I thought it was pretty so I took another chance. It will have to be my only stole due to the price. I'm glad I got it as the color is no longer available online. I like that it is not obvious that it is LV, so people don't ask me how much it cost like they do with my bags.

    Will the tag fall off on its own? The tag looks like it is sewn on very loosely, especially on 1 side. I thought about trying to sew it on more securely but I don't really sew and i don't want to make it worse somehow.
  3. It is beautiful.... Would love to see some modeling pictures :smile:
  4. What a beautiful scarf... You wear it well.
  5. Beautiful scarf. It blends in nicely with your bag as well, congrats!
  6. Leo brown, Lezard anthracite, leo rose pop.
    111111.JPG 222222.JPG
  7. Beautiful collection. The color on the rose pop is amazing!
  8. Thanks very much :smile:

    Here's a few more of Lez anthracite - the jacket is Balenciaga moto in color Asphalte :smile:
    anthra1.JPG ant2.JPG ant 3.JPG
  9. Truly beautiful LVLux :love:
  10. The Lezard stole looks amazing with your Bal jacket Cilifene! A great alternative to the original Anthracite Leo :biggrin:
  11. amazing :love::cutesy:
  12. Love them all!!!
  13. --I love the rose pop--I got one for Christmas--enjoy!
  14. May I join again and again. Textiles are my new love:hbeat:
    Monogram Blue Denim Shawl. [​IMG]
  15. and bandeau...