The scammer is on ebay uk again!!!!

  1. :cursing: Only one day auctions and it looks like highjackedaccounts again.I reported if you have a minute please do likewise!
  2. I know. This pis**s me off so much. Ebay trust and security is USELESS :cursing:
    One is a highjacked the other scammer, well I think they got wise and changed the email address too. I sent several asking them why they are using stolen pictures, they keep replying " its mine too" whatever that means. This is just gettig ridiculous. I hope LV wins that lawsuit, others need to follow suit. Ebay doesn't do crap to protect the honest people but they sure do a great job aiding and abetting the POS's.:cursing:
    They also fixed it so if you search Balenciaga, then handbags it won't show up. Guess they hope we miss it. Search just Balenciaga all categories. Tons show up. There are 2 different names tonight.
  3. Ok read this: I messaged the seller.

    this item was listed on my account illegally . have now taken it off, please be careful when using ebay as my account was cloned. I have now restored my account so that i can use it myself. Regards Clare

    :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
  4. That is just terrible, ebay is getting worse and worse, that's a case for federal investigation or the british eqivalent!
    I watch my account closely now stuff like this is really scarry it seems like it can happen to everybody. You just cannot watch 7/7 24/24 I have been and still will be out here and there holiday's etc...:mad:
  5. HE's Backkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. No question this is a highjacking. Ebay sucks.:cursing:
    and I told them basically that. Here was my message when I reported fraudulent listing:

    Obvious to everyone but Ebay that this is the nightly highjacking of an honest ebay members account. Why can't you stop this? It happens EVERY SINGLE day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catch this crook. sheesh what is trust and saftey for anyway? I can't see that they do much of anything. I am sorry, but I seriously feel that way. This is just ludicrous!