The Sash Bag


Dec 21, 2008
Anyone own The Sash Bag? I'm a Bottega and Givenchy gal. My go to everyday bags are my Bottega hobo and Givenchy Medium Pandora. I also have a couple Clare Vivier bags that I'll use when I need to use something I can throw around and not worry about. I have a mini pandora that I use for travel or when I don't need to carry much, or I use an old Longchamp backpack purse. My sister sent me a sash bag for my birthday. It's cute, but I'm not sure I totally love it. I'm spoiled with my other designer bags! I'd only be able to use it for travelling, Disneyland days, field trips, etc. What do you guys think? I'm trying to decide if I should keep or return. I have this tan leather one with fringe. You can see more styles here
Mar 31, 2013
I'm undecided. I like the leather ones.I think it would be great for the things you mentioned. I doubt it's something I would use daily though.


Jan 7, 2010
San Diego
I see this is a relatively old thread but I just discovered this bag and really like it. I'm going to use it for travel and when I need to be hands free. I like the design and function. I got a brown one and a black one (leather), no fringe for me yet, but the fringe is cute!