The Sarah wallet doesn't come in vernis Pomme??!?

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  1. After contemplating getting the zippy coin purse, I decided zipping & unzipping all day would drive me crazy-I prefer the quick snap release of the Sarah which would hold more as well, but I was dismayed to see it didn't come in the popular Pomme in vernis. Has this been discontined? WIll it come back? Of the colors remaining, which color would go well with BOTH azur and mono...the orange? A bit loud I think :sad:
  2. When I bought mine about a month ago, I also found they'd discontinued it on the website. I went to my local boutique to buy it only to discover they were out also. They told me that color had been discontinued and called to see if they could find it for me somewhere. They found one in Houston and did a charge send. It was super easy to to. At the time there were 147 left in stores around the US. You may be able to call 866-VUITTON or go into your local boutique and do a charge send if your heart is really set on this item as mine was. If you're open to another shade of Vernis, the Blue Nuit was gorgeous in person. If I absolutely could NOT get the Pomme, that would have been my second choice.
  3. I just bought one from SAKS IL... I have both sarah and international on their way here.. If I decide to return it... I will mail it back... Ping me if you are interested and I will give you my SA's name so she can hold it out for you....