The Sapin Club

  1. Come one, come all!
  2. Ah, girl after my own heart! Here's my contribution -- my 06 Sapin Twiggy, the FIRST EVER Bbag I bought...


    Still LOVE her!
  3. Here is my sapin Work...
  4. Sapin toilet case...


    Sapin twiggy...

  5. Did somebody say sapin? Here's my "07 Work! :tup:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  6. :yahoo::yahoo:It's about time Sapin gets some love around here. To me this is one of the best shades of green and the leather is SO delicious. :yes:
  7. I love the color sapin. One day, I am gonna own one.
  8. Here's my 06 Sapin Besace :p

  9. Here's my new 2006 Sapin City - it's my first ever bag and she's all mine thanks to Corey at - she rocks!! I checked out all the Bal colors and decided this was my favorite green by far!!

    Sorry the pic's not great - it's raining here in N. Cal and it's really dark so hard to get a good pic.
  10. Here my sapin city (my first bbag!)! Gorgeous color!!! :heart::heart::heart:
  11. Here's my Sapin collection:
    06 Sapin Work
    06 Sapin Coin Purse
    06 Sapin Work.jpg 06 Sapin Coin Purse.jpg
  12. this thread seems so lonely so here's my pics of the lovely miss sapin city. This too was my first bbag and I just love the color and leather on this beauty.:tup:
    CIMG3100.JPG CIMG3293.JPG CIMG3296.JPG
  13. Oh I want a sapin twiggy!
  14. [​IMG]

  15. New to me:
    2006 F/W Sapin Mini Bowling

    Just arrived today and I love it!! My first sapin, it's such a beautiful color. The only imperfections are the split tassles, but they still look fantastic (came with an extra set, but I'll save those for a true emergency). I should wait until fall weather, but I think I'm going to have to build tomorrow's outfit around my "new" bag:
    bowling.JPG bowling model.JPG