The Sample Sale-Chloe, Balenciaga & Zac Posen

  1. The Sample Sale-Chloe, Balenciaga & Zac Posen

    The Sample Sale is back! Find exclusive high end designers like Chloe, Celine, Balenciaga, Ferretti, Ungaro, Zac Posen, Narcisco Rodriguez, Peter Som, Michael Kors, designer shoes, vintage accessories and many more all priced at wholesale and below! Plus receive a 10% discount at Prive Salon and Ona Spa (first time customers only).

    Valet parking available

    Questions contact Lisa at 213.840.1664. Event Begins: 4/25/2006
    Event Ends:
    Event Times:
    Mon 10am-6pm
    Tue-Wed 9am-7pm
    Thu-Fri 9am-8pm
    Sat 9am-7pm
    Sun 11am-6pm

    Prive Salon
    7373 Beverly Blvd.
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    Payment Types: Cash / Charge
  2. Do you know lisa personally??
  3. Do they also have Balenciaga bags?
  4. :nuts: oh wow its really close to me, have you purchased stuff from the sample sale before? how are the prices?
    Any defects or just samples? thank u ~
  5. Does anyone know if they would ship?
  6. they dont have balenciaga bags.
    they will not ship, its like a free for all-- girls line up for hours and then they are let in and they can rummage through clothes hanging up on portable racks and then go and pay. first come first serve. Im a member of billion dollar babes and go to these events 3-4 times a year.
  7. I have actually never been to one but I've been wanting to go. I would really want to go to one in NYC. I get these emails about sample sales and whatnot every so often and most of them are in LA. Like linkinpark said, the lines are long and it is first come, first serve. I think it's mostly clothes and shoes and maybe some accessories.
  8. I go to sample sales all the time...or rather, used to - now I finally am at a place in my profession where I have an expense account to go shopping with - BUT I do remember the 'good ol days' of the sample sales - right after MAGIC in both las vegas and los angeles. It is really a crazy phenom - girls camp out waiting in line for the sale to open and you have to SCOUR the tables and racks - in order to really get the good deals, you have to be willing to just take off your clothes and try on stuff right on the spot because if you go to the fitting rooms, you will miss out on TONS of stuff. Now though because of ebay I think that people just go and stockpile up and if it doesn't fit then you can always recoup your money on ebay - which is what I do alot of times too.

    anyway - ahh good times lol.
  9. um i went to this sale on tuesday of last week. There was no line at all. I was the only one shopping at the time. Its in the back of a swanky hair salon. The owner is a really nice lady and she had another person helping her out. As i was trying things on in her fitting room, they were adding on and bringing things for me to try on. Just like if I were at a boutique It was very classy and would definetly go again next season.