The Salt n' Pepa Show


Oct 12, 2006
Older readers will remember Salt N' Pepa very well from their late 80s - early 90s heyday, and in these internet days, anything anybody ever wanted to know about Cheryl and Sandy is a fingertip away, so I will resist the urge to reinvent any wheels, and try to control the even stronger urge to wax philosophic on the subject of deejayology, including but not limited to the oh-so-tempting subtopics of Spinderella drama nor even rehashments of raggedly old comparisons between same and Jam Master Jay.

Their reality show is about where the ladies are today, with emphasis on their respective perspectives on reunion, regrouping, and revisiting stage and booth.

The biggest obstacle, and the element that gives the show its main source of conflict and drama, since during the intervening years, Salt (Cheryl) has taken up with an extremely conservative religious sect of some kind, wheras Pepa (Sandy) has not.

So now every aspect of any potential artistic act - from lyrics to costumes to choreography - must conform to the rigid stringencies of Salt's new religious beliefs, whereas Pepa maintains her own more traditional secular view.

In fairness, however, since obviously I am Team Pepa, Salt is not unreasonable in becoming annoyed when Pepa comes to stay with her for what is supposedly a few days, and brings what appear to be all her worldly goods, takes over the household and has Salt's husband and his friends getting their cocktail on and playing gambling games, complete with shouting and slamming of dice and dominoes, late into the night, then departs the premises the next morning, leaving Salt to care for her daughter, including hosting the daughter's voice lesson, right before a delivery truck arrives bearing several large potted trees...

It's a pretty funny episode, Pepa is the delightful diva she always was, and Salt probably sincerely does not realize or intend to be quite so condescending, the fact that they put up with each other at all, much less have any interest in trying to wrangle out any sort of possible artistic or performance collaboration under the circumstances, is really very touching, and more of a commentary on friendship than even they or the producers probably intended, certainly not the stuff of the average reality show.

Next week they are going down to Jena (that little town in Louisiana that you either know all about or would not be remotely interested in) and there is a lot of potential there, I think, for a really good show, as well as showing us maybe a kinder gentler side of the religious sect.

I hope the show will inspire them both to compromise what they can without compromising anything that they shouldn't (I may not share Cheryl's religious beliefs, but I certainly respect her right to hold - and uphold - them) and if it turns out to be a thing that can't be worked out - well, there will be no shortage of talented young ladies who would be over the moon if there should ever come to pass an opportunity to audition for a chance to do even one show with the legendary Miss Pepa!


Oct 9, 2006
Never Never Land
Well... I watch just about every reality show on television so of course I watch this! I really like them both. I remember their music sooo well. "Let's talk about Sex" "Push It" and "What a Man" were my faves. Oh I forgot about "Shoop".


Apr 15, 2007
I love all the trashy reality tv as well and I can't get into this one as much as the others. I think its the lack of drama. And it all seems to staged... I know, I know... all of them are staged, but they just seem soooo boring. Don't get me wrong, I always Tivo it. I just usually wait til I'm left with the slim pickings of what to watch before I flick it on.


Quiet!Hermes Hunting
Aug 17, 2006
Orlando, Fl
wow someone else that actually watch the s n p show... I love it. I love their relationship. I am have been tryin for weeks to find out who makes the tees that Salt wears with the gold sequin angel wings on the back.


Flame Head
Feb 1, 2006
I am totally distracted by Pepa's new nose. She has a Latoya Jackson nose- she should have chosen a better surgeon.


Mar 8, 2006
The ladies look fab and I hope Spinderella will be back for more episodes....I like their theme song too!


Aug 26, 2007
The Playground
although Im 23, I do remeber the rap group Salt and Pepa (and occasionally spinderella) This show is interesting to see their personalities

anyway i HATE the way Pep looks now!! why the hell did she get her nose done? she was such a beautiful woman!!!

here is her before photo: