The Saleya!

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  1. It is a relatively new style isn't it? Will it be discontinued, is it limited? I'm only asking because I might have to wait at least a few months before I can get one...:heart:
  2. yes it's new, and i doubt it'll be d/c anytime soon. they are lovely bags and look really cute on!
  3. It's too perfect to be discontinued!
  4. I thought Saleya will be Permanent..
  5. I think it's permanent? It is the best bag! :biggrin:
  6. Great Bag. Just as good as the Speedy Bags. Use the Saleya more than the Speedy because it fits over my arms.
  7. The Saleya Is Such A Beauty!
  8. this forum really is a bad influence on me! my b/f will kill me if I buy this anytime soon :biggrin:
  9. i hope its permanent... its such a great LV bag!!!
  10. It's very cute!
  11. i know the saleya is 815 now. Was that how much it was from the beginning or did it already go up? Does anyone know how much it was originally?
  12. I think it has always been $815.
  13. Correct Always $815. It was just recently released. So if the Price Increase goes into effect June 12th. It will be the Saleya's First Price Increase.
  14. can someone post a pic of it..
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