The sale items are online!

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  1. The sale items are online now! Must have went live at midnight EST!
  2. It looks like everything is register for wait list!
  3. 2 of the bags I reserved are no longer listed. I hope my order went through. My cc is pending and I have not gotten a no longer available email so my fingers are crossed.

    I reserved rain boots, a black messenger with pink logo on front, 'britt' medium shoulder bag and the large jolicoeur with ivory trim.
  4. wow a lot is gone already
  5. the prices are great!!!
  6. ^^I'm not surprised. You gotta be quick if you want something.
  7. Great prices on sunglasses, too! Did you guys get anything? My salesperson is trying to track down a princy for me (some people got them during the pre-sale, but the website does not show that they are on sale) but I'm not too hopeful :sad:
  8. yea! I bought the hasler medium hobo! I'm so excited and cant wait to get it!
  9. Are you looking for the princy tote that's on sale? I was in the Palm Beach Gardens store yesterday and saw it on the shelf. If you're interested, call the store and ask for Javier :smile:
  10. I was looking for the hobo and it's definitely not on sale online..sad :sad:
  11. Please post ALL SALE INFO in the Gucci SALE thread only!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.