The SAK Silverlake Canvas Convertible Satchel in Saffron - $29.70 shipped @ Amazon

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  1. I own similar bag, the flap one... love it and it's my everyday bag! If I'm not too poor already, I'm gonna get one :sad:
  2. Congrats on a cheerful looking bag! What a fabulous bargain. I would go for it, except that I am not allowed to purchase a handbag unless it was 80% off or better. This makes it much easier to stay on the wagon than a straight cold turkey ban. ;)
  3. yes, it's quite cheerful! it was such a delight walking down the street today with my dark shoes, dark jeans, dark jacket, dark hat, and then a really bright, happy bag. just what i need for these dreary winter days. :tender:
  4. oh, and speaking of its costlier ancestor, did anyone notice all the botkier sashas on sale over at ruelala? oh, to have $175 burning a hole in my pocket. :rolleyes: