The Sak - Ad campaign - Adorable

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  2. OMG that's an awesome ad campaign!!!! :lol: SO PERFECT FOR PF!!!

    Thanks for sharing this!!! :biggrin:
  3. Hahaha! OMG That is adorable! I love them all. I want those mini handbags, how cute!
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  4. Very cute! Remind me of peeps for some reason (even though peeps aren't fuzzy).
  5. That's so adorable! I wonder how many of us could relate to it!!! LOL!
  6. they are cute! :smile:
    is THE SAK coming out with lots of new bags. The last time I heard their name was when they had the crochet bags, I still have mine somewhere!
  7. Eeeeeh adorable!!!!! :love:
  8. Those are too cute! What a great ad campaign!
  9. So cute!
  10. i love the little chicks..
  11. OMG...cuteness overload! :shame:
  12. That is so adorable.:love:
  13. :heart: I love that campaign!!!! It is so adorable.:heart:

    and strangely true
  14. ADORABLE!! ohmygosh, I am so freaking out...!!! awwww!
  15. I can totally relate to the one with the dinner date:rolleyes: