The Saint Laurent YSL College Bag Thread

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  1. Hello ladies ! I was browsing the saint laurent website looking for an enveloppe clutch and then i cam accross this new bag that i felt in love with ! Does anyone have it or did anyone see it ??? ImageUploadedByPurseForum1433598965.168084.jpg
  2. Hi!! i was informed its not available until august i believe, so for preordering. i think it is a beauty too!
  3. Oh thank you for the response ! I hope i can get my hands on it :smile:
  4. just saw it in the boutique yesterday. i want it so much, its beautiful and personally in my opinion more special that the chanel boy bag
  5. I've also spotted it and liking it. I have a thing for chevron and black ;)
  6. Saw it in the 5th ave boutique today - the ones i saw at least were a little more slouchy then the pic - but a big big plus for me is they have it in grey! I really like the grey with matelasse :P
  7. oh my god , i cant wait to see some reveal fotos , i dont have a ysl shop around me , the only way for me is online shopping ! but its a bit hard to do when you dont have any idea of how the bag is ! and i dont even have a SA , im a YSL newbie
  8. Hi ladies! What is the price point on this bag! Would love to find this in grey.
  9. ITS 2450 dollars in the US , 1690 euros in europe !
  10. yes and the large version is for 1990 euros
  11. yes it was slouchy and i think my concern is that i hope the leather dosnt sag /loosen or wrinkle over time
  12. Hi, did you get this bag? If yes, how's leather and shape holding up?
    Your input would be great as I am also concerned about this issue.
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  13. #13 Apr 8, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2016
    hello! I didn´t actually get this bag, in the end. i went to paris last fall and received a surprise present of the Boy bag (which I had been on the fence about for a long time personally - as I thought most people had the typical diamond quilted version). But in paris I found a limited edition which was so different and unique i fell in love with it.

    I was going to get this bag this spring, but as i love structured bags and my concern had been slouching i just bought the SDJ which i am loving 2 weeks ago

    I saw the black, maroon, pink and gray versions of this bag in selfridges and i didn´t like the wrinkling very much. The SA explained to me that it is the quality of the leather and it is inevitable that it will happen. I just don´t like the look that my Miu Miu bags took on (which is why I never got into Balenciaga ever) - personally I think it looks dated.

    BUT i saw this bag in suede (DOUBLE love) with fringing (TRIPLE love). I can´t even describe how beautiful it is!!!!!!!

    I know it is seasonal but it is so beautiful.
    I think I am going to see if it goes on sale and then try to get it as it is seasonal.
  14. Thanks for getting back to me. now it's even tougher to decide for me. The exact wrinlkling and slouching issue is keeping me at bay.
    Would love some update from someone who actually got it and has used it for a while now.
  15. Hi! I'm new here, but i have been eyeing this bag for months now. I will be getting it for my birthday coming up in 2 weeks! I've done a lot of research on it, and can tell you the leather is very soft but strong. If I get it before you do I will post photos for you and give you an update.
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