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  1. So I *think* I have decided on the Black w ghw and the Rose Patent. It really seems to be a better choice than Rose reg leather (although my hubby thinks differently) because I could use it in bad weather.
  2. I really like the rose patent but if I get that color I will probably get the regular leather because I haven't had much luck with the quality of their patent bags lately.
  3. I will post pics soon but I have the Marine
    And Turquoise ones. I am wanting the pink patent. PCL my man also doesn't like patent but it's my favorite!!
  4. blue smoke sage.jpg Blue Smoke Sage
  5. user224371_pic82512_1316737279[1].jpg Navy Sage
  6. Twins on the navy Kristin Sage! Here's a pic of mine that I tracked down and had shipped from the Ontario outlet.


    One of my HG bags - my mushroom Kristin woven leather sage. :hbeat: This bag makes me smile every time! Pulling it out to take pics makes me yearn to take it out again but it's too darn cold so I'll hold out until spring.

  7. Twins with many people who've already posted! Gray, Blue Smoke, Navy:

  8. [​IMG]

    Fall edition Black Sage
  9. Here's my Sage collection and like BonBonz, I cannot WAIT to use my wovens again!!!!

    Kristin Embossed Python Sage Round Satchel (Mushroom) #16833

    Kristin Elevated Pebble Grain Leather Sage Round Satchel (Parchment) #18280

    Kristin Woven Leather Sage Round Satchel (White Mist) #16776

    Kristin Woven Leather Sage Round Satchel (Mushroom) #16776

    It's a lot of fun looking at this thread, as the sage silhouette is by far one of my faves! I can see adding the rose or rose patent and I think the champagne one to my collection???? (The baby sage looks equally tempting to me!) Can't wait to see them all IRL!
    Kristin Python Sage_Mushroom_16833.JPG Kristin Sage_18280_2.JPG Kristin Woven Sage_White Mist_16776.JPG Kristin Woven Sage_Mushroom_16776.JPG
  10. Love this on you, CF!!!
  11. YOu are rockin' the bag and the boots!!:woohoo:
  12. Gorgeous collection Prof!
  13. Hi, no sage for me yet! Hopefully someday! I have a question for all you sage owners, is this a heavy bag? Thanks!
  14. The sage is a heavy bag for me, and I don't carry a lot of stuffs, just a zippy wallet and 2 wristlets for cards and girls stuff, my iPhone and hand sanitizer and keys. But I cannot resist the bag, it's so gorgeous! Taking the long strap off helps a bit, the chains are heavy!
  15. I want the baby Sage!