the saga of the noir pocket paddy

  1. well, I love the style and roominess of the pocket paddy and at the moment I have TWO brand new ones with tags and all, awaiting my decision. One is black (noir) and one is cream (blanc)--but I think I'm going to return both and hold out for one in Whiskey because that's the exact color I need.....however because these two gems were purchased BELOW the retail of 1620 I HATE to bring them back to the store to be re-offered at retail so if anyone is interested in either let me know. the black is listed in the marketplace and on ebay but I'll consider all reasonable offers, long as I'm not getting less than what I paid, of course!
  2. Hi there! Do you mind me asking how you managed to buy them for less than retail price?
  3. it was a special promo at bloomie's, the friends & family's the very rare occasion a chloe goes on sale
  4. I think there's a tan pocket paddy on the Marketplace if you're interested...
  5. hey callmelulu

    the black pocket is gorgeous but it seems like u have ur eyes set on a whiskey... i still have mine and its brand new but im giving it a few more days...ill definitely PM you if i do decide to let it go...

    i got mine at Saks ny might wanna try them? gluk!!!
  6. I saw a whiskey paddy at Nordstroms at UTC yesterday. She was clearly brand new and no scratches on the lock or other metalwork. This late in the season, I was a little surprised by that!
  7. oooh thanks, balenciagalove! was she the one with the pocket on front? i think i'll be calling sunny san diego in a few hours....