The Saga Of The Glue 2005 And S/s 2006 Stam

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  1. Hiya All. Just want to thank you all for being patient with me through all my moaning, *****ing, gnashing of teeth, and tearing of hair in the process of acquiring this 2005 Stam.

    Up to this point, we have not been able to establish what the official MJ colour name for this one is. It is looking cream / ivory and it is either from F/W05 or R05. Baglover suspected that it might be called "pearl" (and barbiegirl has the same one).

    If you recall, there was very obvious dried and hardened yellow glue stains all over its frame and some specks of it along the side of the body. I was *this* close to packing and sending it back. I had made arrangements with the seller (BE-LUXE) who was willing to take the bag back with full refund including all shipment costs. And then I was told that both NM and MJ can't fix the hardened glue stain, but they were willing to replace it with a newer season Stam. I was not interested in a newer season Stam. So I had to decide whether to keep this, and close one eye to the hardened glue stain, or no Stam at all.

    But I fell more and more in love with the leather of my cream/pearl/ivory 05 Stam. The more I compare it with the new Stams, the more I love my 2005 one. So, I decided to keep it, and in the most denial of ways, have been pretending that the hardened yellow glue stains are not really there...

    And then I found the Putty. New dillema.

    Now, I have 2 Stams.... Cream/Ivory/Pearl and Putty...

    Looks like I am going to be a pest to you ladies for a little bit longer...
  2. As far as I know, these are the official colors for Stams from those 2 seasons:

    Fall/Winter 05 Stams: Black, Pearl, Violet, Bordeaux, Petrol, Taupe
    Resort 05 Stams: Black, White
  3. OOOOooooo Violet sounds nice. bag.lover you wouldn't happen to have a picture of that would you? I bet you it's probably impossible to find.
  4. I called MJ boutiques -- Using the style numbers, these colors are pulled up for each particular season; I forgot to confirm whether Ivory's the official color name for Spring 06's (non-patent) white-family color.

    Not sure if there are more colors or not.

    Fall/Winter 05 Stams: Black, Pearl, Violet, Bordeaux, Petrol, Taupe
    Resort 05 Stams: Black, White
    Spring/Summer 06 Stams: Black, Ivory, Putty, Blush (patent), Chalk (patent), Cola (patent)
    Fall/Winter 06 Stams: Black, Bronze, Camel, Ivory, Cashew, Mouse, Chesnut, Whiskey
    Resort 06 Stams: Black, White Chiffon, Topaz, Almond, Saddle Brown
    Spring/Summer 07 Stams: Black, Ivory, Brown, Green, Blue, Natural
  5. Yup, it must be impossible to find. Quilted Multipockets (in both sizes) are still available in Violet though. =)

    official website's Violet Stam (icy) & tPFer Daisy's Violet Little Stam (nappa)
  6. Confirmed that Ivory's the official color name for S/S 06's (non-patent) white-family color.

  7. bagpunk, is the cream leather bag have an icy finish? If so, perhaps it's the pearl color, if it has the red suede interior?
  8. I love that Violet. It's probably as hard to find as petrol.

    Oh well. I guess I won't be getting an 05 stam anytime soon.
  9. ^But your putty stam is so fabulous and unique with its blue lining! I'm sure there are plenty of girls with an 05 stam that would happily trade you for yours...
  10. my current one (one with the hardened glue) - the source of my agony and joy - has a dark red interior, and is the colour of real cream on the outside (the sort you have on your cake and in your coffee, so has a kinda yellowish undertone).

    now, as far as "icey" is concerned, i am not even sure how that looks, since there are only one stockist of MJ bags here, and i did not get to see any real life stams until the fall 2006 season version.

    but this one is definitely not white, so cannot be from R05, unless "white" does not really mean white. and unless S/S06 includes any cream/ivory/white family coloured stams with dark suede lining, mine must be "pearl" (it is exactly the same as that of barbiegirl's: shown in the pic she posted, in her thread).

    also my cream/ivory/pearl 05 stam's hardwares are antiqued/brass, not shiny.

    i have not received the putty yet... but am excited about seeing it in real life and feeling its leather. i heard so much about the putty, i hope it will live to my expectation. i may keep both, i may not, i am not sure, i have to see putty first. there is fear that the putty and cream/ivory/pearl may be a tad too close in colour. we'll see. opinions seem to differ here. i'll be able to make up my mind in the first 2 seconds of seeing the putty i am sure.

    and i think there is also a possibility that i may fall in love with a taupe 05 stam as well. then i will really be in trouble...

    but there is high chance that i will have to let go one of the stams, i have never owned two same bags in different colours and doubt that i will start this expensive habbit now. so will definitely be looking to trade or sell one of them sometime soon.

  11. I could NEVER give up Purtty Putty! I'm just looking to give her a sister.:P
  12. Bagpunk - your Stam is not the icy leather version. I have seen other styles in Pearl and White in real life, they don't look like yours. When I have a chance, I will ask my SA to check if there are additional colors released in non-icy leather that season. The NM numbers you gave me show that it's a Resort 05 item, NM sometimes put the info from another season when the original tags don't accompany the returned item; black & white-family-color are released every season. IIRC, Resort 06 Stams have shiny hardware (one of my SAs remembers it being shiny too).

    S/S 06's Black & Ivory Stams have beige/cream suede lining, Putty Stam has blue suede lining.
  13. how fascinating this colour is. MJ seem to have very sporadic system of colour and leather accross styles and seasons.

    it is not white, and it is not pearl, but, a 2005 stam for sure, judging from the dark red suede lining, and the antiqued hardware. it is nappa leather i think, since it is not icey.

    since it has a NM tag (i am sure this can be faked) attached to the inner zipper, and be-luxe (seller) is reputable....
  14. ^ I fixed some typos in my last post, please re-read.
  15. Fixed all the typos below: