The saga of the Chelsea Satchel, Shopping ban, and Angst

  1. I really want the Chelsea Satchel. Not like I can't live without it, or anything. I was committed to letting it pass me by. (I'd like it for my birthday, but that is in November, and chances are it'll be gone by then. Outlets being spotty as they are...)

    But then my friend IMd me this morning linking me to a picture of one of last year's that she bought secondhand for like $175 and I swear I could feel the flood of jealousy just drenching me, dripping over me.

    And then I found two decent deals on them on eBay. I am not buying them, but HOLY CRAP it is taking all of my resolve to hold back.

    My buddy, Tejasmama, has talked me down from the edge. I also used my husband as a safety net - told him the whole thing, and sent him the eBay auction links so that he'll know and can run me through the food processor if I break my ban and buy it. I just cannot believe how unbelievably jealous I got. I mean, I want my friend to be happy with the bag, and I truly hope she loves it. But a tiny part of me wishes that a)I weren't on ban and b)I found it first.

    I *knowwwwwww* this bag will turn up at the outlets or on eBay one day. Which is why I'm hesitant to even go to a mall that *has* an outlet while I'm on ban until 1/1/08.

    *le sigh*

    Being on ban is hard. For those who can and will still shop, I'm getting vicarious satisfaction through you. :biggrin:

    Thanks for letting me share. (And hey, at least while I'm on ban, I won't have any bad shopping experiences! :rolleyes: Heh.)
  2. Wonder Woman's got nuthin' on Cinediva! She's tough as nails!:p

    We're both going through the initial withdrawls of not buying stuff, so this is going to be tough for awhile but I'm glad we've got each other's backs.

    I'm also happy that I like last year's stuff more than this year's stuff.

    So, people--you will have to pick up the slack for me and Cinediva by BUYING MORE STUFF AND POSTING LOTS OF PICS! See, we can't contribute much (unless we just keep snapping pics of what we already have, and what fun would that be?)--so we're counting on you!

    The fall catalog is here and the coach site is updated. Live it up for us, and we'll live vicariously through you!:graucho:
  3. And did I mention how much I want the red patent ergo hobo and that super cute field bag that was posted in another thread today?
  4. :hysteric:OK to make this all even better - my DH just emailed me and said if I really want it I can buy it. (I don't work, and I'd been telling him how I wish I could save up for it, but I haven't found any paying freelance gigs in a while, so I have nothing to save up... hence the BAN!!!)

    And while tempting, all I could say was that that doesn't really make it better. Having an obsession and buying it and not saving up or waiting or anything does NOT make it better. And I'm not doing it. If he were to put it away and make me wait until my birthday, that would be one thing. But not for me to just get it and have that instant gratification. This is what I went on ban to put back in perspective. SO. NOT. DOING. IT.

    Thanks for your time. :hysteric:
  5. oh, now that must be hard. he told you yes? ugh i feel your pain.
  6. ^^ How often in my life will *he* say yes and *I* say no?
  7. I'd, uh, write that one down. I have a feeling it'll come in handy in the future. Kinda like a 'get out of eBay Jail free' card!:yahoo:

    You're doing great. Maybe you could write down every time you wanted to buy something with the dollar amount. When you start adding it up, it really makes a big impact. That's why I don't buy many accessories anymore--a few add up to a purse real quick!
  8. You are very tough, Cinediva! :boxing:<-- That is you fighting temptation! lol. Maybe you could ask him if he would put it aside for your birthday? Or would that interfere with your ban in a way?
  9. Girlfriend, I feel your pain! Because I SO want the Chelsea Satchel in Brass/Parchment and I have been trying with all my might not to buy it during this extended PCE! I've told myself I don't "need" it. I've told myself it'll get dirty, I've told myself I have more bags than I can possibly use in this or any other lifetime. But it's like cookie dough ice cream....I may not need it, but screw that....I WANT it!! Like you though, I've so far been stronger than the urge to have yet another Coach box delivered to my door! ;)

    Now someone pass me the cookie dough ice cream....

  10. hehehehehe...too funny!

  11. :roflmfao: thats all i have to say :roflmfao:
  12. Kudos to you for being strong!!!! I'm not sure i'd be able to do the same in your position. I love the Chelsea satchel too (mineral for me please) but the last thing i should be oding right now is buying a bag.

    I'll join you ladies on that cookie dough ice cream though.