The saga continues

  1. Weeeeellllllll as many of you know, I BIN'd a cerises speedy from thehuangfamily on ebay the other day as it said on the auction that "Paypal is the preferred method of payment."

    Well, when I could finally could pay through paypal, I sent the payment immediately...about 4 days ago now I think...and I got an email today stating that:

    Hi Lauren,
    I am just back from my 6-day trip.
    First, I would like to thank you for sending the payment so soon. Yet, I saw on the payment details that your address is still unconfirmed with paypal. It shows that you are a non US verified user only.
    Let me know.
    Thank you very much.

    So it turns out that I'm not "confirmed" but I am "verified." (Admittedly I stuffed up here, I honestly thought confirmed and verified were the same thing lol) so now I've sent my payment thru, and don't even know if I'll be getting the bag!!!:censor: :censor: :censor:

    Feeling a bit irked right now...:sad: :rant:

    Please tell me this will work out okay lol...
  2. Awww... I don't know much about ebay, but I hope everything works out for you and you get your speedy!! Good luck!
  3. Ahhhh.....I think you should ask "thehuangfamily" to refund your money FIRST, and then you can pay again (after updating and confirming your address of course)!
  4. I know in canada you cant be confirmed you only get verified. Maybe its the same thing in Aussie land.
  5. I don't know much about paypal..I think all overseas member has unconfirmed address..I don't know what's it all about.
  6. I don't think you can be confirmed if you are overseas....I take that risk whenever I sell to Canadians.

  7. I think you must be Paypal I don't see any options for becoming "confirmed."

    But surely if she offers paypal as a method of payment she should accept it?:shrugs:
  8. Yes, I think that's correct. So many sellers will not deal with overseas buyers, most of whom are probably OK, but all it takes is a few bad apples. BTW, someone had mentioned this seller recently in another thread. I looked at their stuff often, but you know they only seem to sell rare I wonder about that. It might be a blessing in disguise, since that was an incredible amount for it. They originally sold for 995 US plus tax. I do hope it all gets sorted out, though
  9. I don't know why they are so huffy puffy about over seas buyers when they are actually shipping from Taiwan instead of the US like they say.
  10. Really/ I did not know.
  11. Yeah she told me the bag would be coming from Taiwan in a previous email....but now it doesn't look like it will be coming at all!!! :sad:
  12. Non US verified user does mean that you have a confirmed address. I'm from Downunder as well and I've bought from numerous sellers ( MPRS from US or HK) who ask for Paypal confirmed addresses and no problem so far:shrugs: .
    Lv_obsessed if she won't take it make sure you get the refund first before sending payments or try explaining it to her that non US verified = confirmed address for us from Aus.
  13. Tell her to refund you the money first, it should be pretty quick and I'm sure she'll understand your reason for doing so.:yes:
  14. Ditto
  15. I'll let you know when I hear back from her, if it doesn't look good, I'll ask for a refund toute suite!!!

    Thanks for your advice!