The saga continues in my quest for the Leopard Rolandos

  1. I'm thinking my foot may not be suited for this shoe. I found a 39.5 on Net-a-Porter last night. So when I got home they were waiting for me but it's still very snug in the toe box. I'm selling the 39's because there is no way I can wear them. So I will keep 39.5 over the weekend to see if they will stretch a bit when I walk around. If not they go back too and I move on to a different pair. Thing is I have an outfit all planned for these shoes!
  2. So sorry to hear about your Rolando issues. I love that shoe too and it is not working for me either. Good luck. I can put it on eBay for you if you need help.
  3. So Sad :confused1: Let us know what happens when the weekend is up!!!