The saga continues(a new scam to be alert to?)

  1. To give backstory, I purchased a fairly rare pair of Chanel sunglasses on the 14th of August from an eBay seller with over 300 positives, 0 negs, after much badgering on my part to assure me of their authenticity. I emailed her on the 28th of August wondering where they were. She sent me a tracking number to Cali. Thing is, I am in Illinois, so I immediately contacted her with a WTF? She told me she sent them to my confirmed shipping address, and sent me a copy of some Paypal email info. Guess what? I have Paypal and eBay official records that show I bought them at 6:59 a.m. and finished payment at 7:01 a.m. from my Paypal with an Illinois confirmed address(I never BIN unless I can pay that second) . But she gets word in her email that someone in Cali has paid for my BIN auction. She gets sent some kind of chargeback info, but then she receives word of my payment and goes ahead and mails it to the Cali address from the first email thinking I decided against paying with my bank account and that I decided to use my credit card instead. I guess ignoring the fact that the info that came with my credit card payment shows the confirmed address in Illinois. She wants me to wait to do anything because she thinks the Cali person is going to send the sunglasses back. Ha! So be wary-and check your buyer's payments by logging onto Paypal's website from now on instead of trusting emails, I guess, since this may be a whole new scam. I have well over 500 transactions and this is a whooole new scam to me.
  2. oh boy... nothing in that email sent up any flags to that woman? It is actually pretty sneaky!!! What will they come up with next???

    Thanks for the heads up LVmom!!!
  3. hopefully you have already filed and escalated a Paypal claim?
  4. Wow that's a new one! Scary.
  5. Are you sure the seller is not lying? Everytime one of my auctions end I get a notice with the winning bidders name and address? I would think if she got your Ill info and then saw a CA address, she would have checked with you first before shipping?
  6. That is one of the strangest eBay stories I've ever heard. If you received any additional information will you post and let us know what happened?

  7. That's weird. I'm with Swanky, have you filed a claim yet?
  8. You know, the same thing happened to me once with a much cheaper item. Someone BIN and paid for the item, but another buyer actually paid for it BEFORE the auction winner got a chance to pay. The person who paid but didn't technically win simply thought she'd won the auction. I caught it long before shipping, though, it was quickly apparent that I had an extra paypal receipt.
  9. What kind of auction was it? I have done a BIN on several auctions that state your transaction is not completed until payment has been made. Was yours the same type?

    Is this a problem ebay has where 2 people can win and pay for the same thing? Sorry but I am kinda lost :confused1:
  10. I have not filed a Paypal claim yet because I still have 20 days, and I am somewhat interested to see how this turns out. I just got the info yesterday about the other payment. She sent me a copy of the email from Paypal and it sure looks good, but it doesn't have any of my info on it, only the other person's. When I log into Ebay it shows me as the winning bidder at 6:59, and then when I log into Paypal I have the info there that that particular auction was paid for by me at 7:01. That other person had to be swift to beat Paypal to the email of my payment. I have no idea where this other email she has originated from, but it wasn't for me. I would not normally be so cooperative except for the fact that she has well over 300 not just positive but glowing reviews and no negatives. I don't feel yet that she is the scammer-however the Cali person is sending all sorts of red flags to me. Trust me, in a few days I will be filing with Paypal. :cursing:
  11. Wow, thanks for the heads up! I hope it all turns out ok. I agree with you and I highly doubt she would be lying considering her feedback.
  12. Thanks for the heads up, and I hope all works out for you. I always check double-check my Paypal account to make sure payment is received. Why don't some sellers bother to do that? They stand to lose both money and item!
  13. I can't believe that I hope you get the item or at least your money book. Scammers what will they think of next. I am so sorry this has happen to you and you have to deal with this.