The Sag of the Neo Speedy

  1. So tomorrow is the big day -- I am taking my denim neo speedy out! :yahoo:

    I noticed that since it is limited in its structure, when a few objects are inside, there is a certain amount of sag in the bottom. It's not awful or anything, but I am hoping it doesn't take away from the barrel shape of the bag too much.

    What are people's thoughts on this? I have a rectangle of sturdy cardboard I can put in the bottom, but I am really not in love with how that looks. Should I just let it be? Hang naturally? What do you do? Fill it up with things to maintain the shape? Hmmmmm....
  2. This is the only Speedy that I don't mind a bit of sagging. I actually don't even worry about it. I just put all my daily essentials in it (I carry lots of things) and because of this the bag usually has a good shape.

    I would hate to put something like cardboard in my Neo Speedy ---I guess this is the reason that this is my only Speedy. LOL

    Enjoy your bag and don't worry too much about the sag. The bag is really beautiful anyway you look at it!
  3. I :heart: the sag! A speedy isn't a speedy w/o the sag! It won't take away from the great shape of your beautiful bag!
  4. Gwen did you receive yours??
  5. Would it help to alleviate sag if you put heavier things like your wallet on the ends?
  6. I did! And I :heart: it, but I have a dilemma. I got lucky and found a silver kirsten today, which I really want, too. I don't know if I can justify both, so may have to send the neo back to elux. Waiting for the kirsten to get her to make sure I :heart: it as much as I think I will. If I do, I will try to talk DH into giving me one of the bags as a Mother's Day present.
  7. I love the sag! I'm all for it.
  8. Alright, I am gonna wear it au natural tomorrow, then. Weather says partly cloudy, no chance of rain until Thursday... *crosses fingers*
  9. i have one and somedays i like the sag and other days i don't.... so when i don't -- i put a small hard - cardboard like 'thingy' on the bottom of it ( a small LV shopping bag works great - folded) and then------------- no sag!

    this has been mentioned before- search for sagging speedies...

    enjoy the beautiful bag....

  10. Yes, I have read the threads about sagging speedies before, I was just curious about how people felt about the look in this particular denim style.

    As I said, I have a piece of cardboard ready to use, but I think for tomorrow, I am going to leave it at home.

    thank you everyone!
  11. hi jane! so happy you're taking neo out. i like a little sag in my speedies. however, if i want it more structured, i use a layer of foam instead of cardboard so it's not so stiff looking. it works well and is lighter than cardboard :balloon:
  12. Go for it, I havent really noticed the sag! I just think its soo pretty!!! xx