The SAG factor - I personally LOVE it!

  1. Hello!

    I am dead-set on getting the Damier Speedy 30 (I love the taupey-chocolate browns and the fact that there is no vachetta to worry about!) next week because I love how this big bag sags. BUT, I've heard that the Damier line doesn't really do the "sag" thing too well??? And, I've only seen pictures of new, full, non-sagging Damier speedies so far.

    Any photos, thoughts or comments? :confused1:

  2. It does sag but tends to retain some of the shape better than the Mono, to me.

    I really perfer the Damiers..its a bit more stiff and that seems to keep the bag looking a bit stiffer and I luv that about it. I have the 25 in the Damier and it really seems to keep its shape a tad better than the Mono so far...Ive had it for 2 yrs now. If you want it to have a soft feel when it comes to sagging...Mono is best. A bit of a stiffer feel, the Damier is best. :smile:
  3. Thanks Bagluvluv. I tend to carry a lot in my bags so I have a feeling it will be sagging in no time. But I might wait to see if anyone has photos, just in case...
  4. OH Yeah, it definitely sags. I think you'll be happy. Actually when I got my damier speedy, the SA said that the Damier sags more than the mono because the mono is slightly thicker.
  5. Really?! My SAs told me that all of the Damiers have a stiffer feel and tends to retain the shape abit more through out its life span......And I do feel that compared to my friends Mono...mine felt stiffer but....I guess its a matter of opinion....:shrugs:
  6. I have this bag and I love it. It wears well and doesnt sag any more or less than the mono and I have the mono 25 and 30. I love the fact that I can use this bag for long days out and can hold it by the handles and not worry about it.
  7. The damier's low-maintenance factor is #1 on my pros list!

    Thanks, everyone! :flowers:
  8. I have the damier speedy 30 and find it doesn't sag that much?? I don't really have any issues with the sag factor anyway. It is a great fuss-free bag:love:
  9. I personally love the look of the sag too. That is why I am thinking of purchasing a speedy!!
  10. It does def. sag...esp. the 30! I have the damier 30 and the mono 35...I loooove the "saginess" factor too! :smile:
  11. :yahoo: Yippeee! :love:
  12. personally, i cant take the sag too well. lol
  13. i like the SAG!!! I think i've discovered that I tend to fall for bags that aren't super boxy... go the speedy sag!
  14. i love the sag as well!! i wish i knew the 30 sagged more when i bought my mono because the 25 dosent sag as much!!
  15. Have a Damier Speedy 30. Mine sags even when I carry the basics (ie hand lotion, wallet, cles, wapity). But for some reason, I like the sag...