The sadness that is my speedy...

  1. :sad:. Poor little Louis was injured a few days ago...

    inured speedy.jpg

    I had the handles replaced a few weeks ago at macys due to some scuff issues, and I guess the metal fixture wasn't tight enough. I was carrying it then looked down only to see no more metal holding the handle to the rest of the bag. *sigh*.

    ugh. Maybe i'll take it to an LV boutique instead of back to macys. Poor guy.
  2. O dear I'm sorry to hear this. Hope all turns out well!!
  3. Take it to the boutique. I'm sure they will replace the part. Good luck!
  4. aww..
  5. Oh dear, not good.
  6. Poor speedy:sad:, I hope they can fix it for you quickly.
  7. Ouch! I almost equate this to the day I looked at my wedding ring & noticed my diamond was gone....
    Very sad day, indeed!

  8. :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:

    that is shocking!!!!

  9. aww it needs to go to the purse hospital :crybaby:
  10. poor speedy! i wish it a quick recovery!
  11. oh dear! :sad: so sorry!

    perhaps take it to a boutique
  12. Oh my! Poor Louis! Take him to LV stat for some extra TLC and medical care. Hope he gets fixed up soon.
  13. Poor poor Louis.... :sad:(
  14. Aww.
  15. Oh No... Poor baby