The Saddest Venetia that ever was

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  1. I found a cute cream Venetia on the 'Bay that looked alright and was worth taking a chance on... the most affordable I'd found to date... I took the plunge and to my dismay was greeted yesterday w. a very stuffed Medium Flat Rate box, courtesy of USPS... What could it be? Certainly not my new to me Venetia...

    Oh, but it was... and she was sad, sad, sad... The outside is covered in pen marks and dirt, worn from heavy use. The inside (canvas) is stained horribly with pen marks, ink spills and came to me w. crumbs, hair, a starburst wrapper, and a gold stud earring... gross...

    After researching lots of threads both on tpf and off, I've decided to dye her a new hue outside and in... In her current state, I'd be embarrassed to be seen w. her out and about!

    I've already given her lining a bath, oxyclean and RLR; she's drying on a door handle as I type... I messaged the seller to see about a partial refund, but so far nothing. I certainly am NOT sending her back to be abused further... And hopefully I'll be saving some money doing the dye job myself rather than farming out the work out to my local leather shop.

    Please join me in my rehabilitation journey. I welcome advice and tips of all kinds. I know there's been talk of "painting" MJs before, but I've decided to use dye: fiebings for the leather and "spray paint for fabric" on the liner.

    I'm really excited to work on this bag. It's a true labor of love, even though it only just came into my home. I think I will get lots of spring/summer use out of it as soon as it's ready!!! :smile:
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    i know that on ebay there is buyer's protection, and you can get your money back if the seller was misleading

    Edit: oops, i didn't read carefully enough

    GOOD LUCK! i can't wait to see results!
  3. Great thread, can't wait to see pics.
  4. Thanks, Sail. I've filed SNAD disputes in the past, but hopefully it won't come to that in this case. I know after PP and ebay fees, the seller's bottom line is really pinched, but, seriously, this is the most mis-treated bag I've ever come across. I don't think he'd have been able to sell this for nearly as much at a garage sale. :P
  5. this is a great project. please be sure to take lots of pics during your process. i can't wait to see the end result!
  6. As some of the tPFers on here who understand leather have said before, MJ leather is not the best material for re-dye jobs. Some tPFers with other designer bags have had success, but that's usually with more porous leather and not soft calf. The general consensus from the other threads is that it won't work very well. Paint can sometimes decrease how noticeable wear marks are, but actual dyeing is another thing entirely. I've also had a bag before, which I've tried to clean of gross ink, marks, etc. and although you can make it look better, the texture will likely not be the same. Unless you received the bag for a really low price, I'd send it back. :tdown: It's completely unacceptable for a seller to so flagrantly lie in a listing like that.
  7. This is terrible. How can someone mistreat a Venetia? :shrugs: Well hopefully it will be a brand new bag with your optmiistic personality! Like Tad said, post pics of this Venetias' journey to a new life & can we get a before pic as well? (You know like before and after pics? lol)
  8. I commend you for taking on the "project" and not demanding a refund from the seller (altho in this case, I believe it's certainly warranted).

    I'd also love to see some "before" and "after" pics, as well as pics taken "along the way" While I completely understand that you want to try doing this yourself, you should contact Luvin my Bags and see if see if she can give you a quote for refurbishing the bags. She's done some wonderful work in the past - whether you have her clean it up, re-dye or try and restore it's original color. It's certainly worth the email. I think Avelle (formerly Bag, Borrow or Steal) is also offering services like this, so it might be worth looking into. Maybe you can do some if it yourself, and leave the more detailed things (like re-dying or restoring the color) to the professionals

    Good Luck and I can't wait to see your progress!
  9. Ooh yes, please post pics of your before and after project with this bag!
  10. This is why *bay sellers want to confirm they are adults- sound like this bag was some kids lunchbox.:wtf:
  11. LOL, 19years!!!! In my convo w. the seller, he mentioned it was his wife's bag... :wtf: :weird: :hrmm:

    Thanks Tad, Bom, JJ, Angel, Boston, mom, Sail, 19... for all of the encouragement and support so far!!!! Pics will def. be coming.

    So far, part one went well. I cleaned the lining by turning it completely inside out and washing it (submerged) in the sink. It's dried and is very clean now (thank goodness!), but the stains remain. I think I'll try to attack them first before I mess w. the exterior of the bag. I'd cleaned the exterior w. Lexol earlier yesterday, but that was of little help. It doesn't do anything for pen marks... or rubbings, scratches, and ground-in dirt...

    I placed the on-line order yesterday for the dye, finish-stripper, and sealants (most of which are illegal in CA :wtf: :weird:smile:

    Good thing I'm in the Chemical-loving, Nuclear-powered-Fermi-Midwest!!!!)
  12. enga, super quick ? - fiebing - what product and what color? i only ask b/c i was looking into getting the fiebing's professional oil in black forever.. i even bought it, but kept doing research, and it wasn't the way to go.

    as far as i can tell, this stuff doesn't stick on certain kinds of leather.. it'll bleed forever, even with the sealant (acrylic resolene i think was what was recommended).

    poor bag, though!!
  13. ^^^^ Oh no, don't tell me that...

    I picked the feibings prof. oil in yellow, the prep-stripper whatever and the resolene... Stormy recommended feibings a million times, though I didn't consult w. her in this instance...

    Actually, I was going to go w. Eco-Flo, but heard that anything w. water will run... so that put all of the "low VOR, eco-friendly" dyes out...

    You think I pick out another dye??? Or just take it to my prof. guy??? :confused1:
  14. hey, i'd trust stormy over some random guys i found on a leather working website. besides, i was only asking about black.. maybe that's different. did she send over directions for you to follow?
  15. LOL, I read a few forums and they all rated the feibings etc way over the eco-safe stuff.... even though it's harder to procure (say in CA or overseas)... Stormy's rated their leather-care stuff as top-notch, so I wasn't too worried that their dye would be inferior... No Stormy-directions, but the fiebings' directions are posted on their site, and they're similar to the procedure the tpf-er used to dye her Stam (diff. product and leather, though)... :shrugs: The Venetia's currently cream-colored, so yellow isn't that far of a jump. :crosses fingers and toes: