The saddest, most revolting Mabel.. :(

  1. :throwup: ew, I mean just ew. We've all had bags that we've worn and used to death but any bag that I've ever sold or donated on have been emptied, cleaned and packaged neatly. I mean if the bag is really trashed it gets binned not passed on to someone else. It's really just common sense and manners. I had a look at her eBay ad and noticed that she didn't post pic's of the inside of the bag. Perhaps she knew that it wouldn't sell if anyone saw the bag in that state.....EWWWWWWWWW
  2. Agree!
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    I recently had a similar experience, but in my case the bag was listed as brand new with tags but it was clearly worn. The seller insisted it was brand new and paypal ruled in her favor stating 'listing was accurately described' :rant:

    When I called paypal to discuss, they said that as the bag is still wearable, I.e. Doesn't have holes in it, it is not 'significantly different than described' which is why I lost the claim. I could not believe paypal could do that.
    I felt sick, I was so upset.