The saddest, most revolting Mabel.. :(

  1. I'm guilty of having bags that I've not looked after that well in the past, but these were cheap bags and not something I would have even thought of selling on.

    I hope you find a resolution to this - it's bad to receive an item that is not as described but even worse when you've paid a lot of money for it.
  2. ewwwwwwwwwwww ewwwwww ewwwwww. That interior is FOUL.
  3. I had PayPal close a claim on me once for no reason when some shoes I bought were not as described. My impression was since that seller also escalated it to a claim they knew someone at PayPal because the claim was just literally closed for nothing. Perhaps she knows someone at PayPal and was confident they would side with her? My advice is ring PayPal directly and dispute it and put emphasis on the fact it's filthy inside. Then say that your claim was closed without reason and hopefully it works out in your favour. It did for me. PayPal refunded me on their own accord and I had to send the shoes back to them and not the seller. So try it and see what happens. Calling them is often a lot easier. But hopefully it works out for you like it did me!
  4. YUK!! Poor Mabel, shocking when you think what she would have originally cost!!
  5. People can be so gross!! Looks like the inside of a diaper bag after vacation. :sad:
    People who treat bags like that should only be allowed to shop at target.
  6. Crikey! - but my cynical view of the word can really understand that things like this probably (definitely!) happen........disgusting:nogood::tdown:
  7. That is a shocking state to leave a bag in! What a dirty girl. Imagine what her house and bedsheets must be like. No maybe best not to. Hope you get it all sorted soon.
  8. Ewww now that is a horrible thought! :shocked:
  9. I'm sorry but what a dirty offence how dare she...the girl has no shame ..hopefully cc charge back will span out and you have to send that awful thing back to her ....also NEG FEEDBACK TO THE MAX :censor::censor:
  10. I also bought a beautiful Roxanne on eBay, buyer assured me by email it was genuine. It arrived squashed into a small box, minus dust bag or wrapping. I was charged £10 for postage but the box was very obviously an old one and she had paid less than a fiver to post. I haven ow have my doubts that this is a genuine mulberry as there is no tag inside and the mulberry imprint on the inside is fading. Is this usual? Mulberry haven't been very helpful as I asked them and they pointed me in the direction of The Purse Forum, but glad I found you. They also couldn't help with a replacement dust bag, anyone any ideas on how to get one?
    Would appreciate your help
  11. Maybe post a query in the authentication thread? Somebody should be able to help you there :smile:
  12. If you can cope with a negative result (ie if it is deemed a fake) - then, even just out of curiosity, you should consider posting on the authentication thread for JJ et al to give the once over.

    That said, the two pointers you have given could indicate that it is indeed the real McCoy - early Roxys (ie Made in England) often had the tag sewn well into the inner seam and were often tricky to locate, and the imprint (as long as it is neat looking and metallic gold/copper embossed) can fade over time with usage. But the main thing here is - what is the overall quality of the stitching like? - if it is neat and immaculate (everywhere - ditto in the more hidden areas like inside and beneath), and the leather is of good, thick quality - then these are all positive indications...:smile:
  13. Thank you for your expertise!
  14. Thank you. Will do
  15. I don't understand the ebay policy of the buyer having to pay the return postage if an item is faulty or not as described - why should you?? I bought a pair of Chanel sunglasses from ebay and when they arrived one of the arms was so warped they were completely unwearable - yet I was told I had to pay the return postage! Why should you be out of pocket because dishonest skanks sell shoddy goods?! And for Paypal to favour your seller's side just because you wanted the return postage funded (and rightly so) is utterly ridiculous. The bag was not as described - end of. Where is the buyer protection that paypal promise??