The saddest, most revolting Mabel.. :(

  1. On the subject of skanky sellers - my worst buy was a pair of jeans with a rather dubious mark in the inside crotch (eeww!) - it was my very first purchase from fleabay and luckily the seller was understanding, very embarassed and apologetic, and blamed it on her daughter who obviously hadn't put it out for a proper wash (said daughter's hygiene issues very questionable?!!!!).....she duly refunded in full and said I could keep them - so after thorough sanitizing they were almost as good as new - but I hadn't the heart to sell on so donated to charity instead!!!!....but people who knowingly sell articles with obvious major defects/hygiene issues are the lowest of the low imo!!:yucky::sick::tdown:
  2. Eeeeww! That's horrid. I only send items the way I would like to receive them myself- adequately wrapped and in a box.
    I try to be as detailed as possible and include photos of absolutely everything...if I even had a bag in that nick I wouldn't have the brass neck to sell it.

    Using a bag liner is also a blessing
  3. Poor, poor Mabel. I hope you can redeem her......

    What an absolutely obnoxious seller.
  4. It was a similar experience that put me off eBay - I paid £420 for a Daria that was described as 'could pass for new', but when it arrived it had marks to the leather, multiple scratches on the plaque and an odour that I could detect before I took it out of the packaging! :sad: Thankfully the seller refunded, but it was an unpleasant experience and I only buy preowned from Naughtipidgin now.
  5. Maybe it is my PC but looked like a well used bag ? . To some people a bag is a bag, but of course if you are paying top dollar you expect more, sorry that you were not happy - eBay is always a risk x
  6. It's a well-used bag that was listed as being in 'excellent' condition, not as being 'well-used'. If I'd known it was well-used I would have bid according to its condition; however I bid according to this skank's assurances that it was in excellent condition. Had I known that she was going to throw in the bonus gift of the detritus of her filthy living standards I would have made the decision not to bid according to its condition! :yucky:
  7. Frankie - that is so disgusting! I can't believe she sold her bag like that! It's filthy! And I also can't believe PayPal went with her! Good luck when you speak to them today.

    I can't believe poor Mabel has been treated like this :sad:
  8. I have been in a similar position and I am sure you are able to appeal the decision or something. They are quite unreasonable when it comes to returning stuff first without getting the money to return it,and told me that they wont be able to decide in my favour without the item being returned, that is more than likely why the decision went against you even though the bag is clearly not as described! Good luck when you call them.
  9. I've had all sorts turn up in bags I've bought over the years, actually the one you've bought looks quite mild in comparison. I've received condoms, tampons, worn children's socks, panty liners, various hair accessories, glasses, chewing gum, even a mobile phone was left in a pocket of one recently.
  10. :shocked:
    :shocked: that makes this Mabel look positively saintly!

    Do people not check inside?!!??
  11. What an absolute disgrace, I'm so sorry Frankie :sad: I really hope you resolve your issue with the seller soon and get a refund :sad:
  12. oh dear!!! how could you ship something without even checking? Let's hope these condoms, panty liners and tampons were not USED!!!!:roflmfao:
  13. Oh JazzyJay how shocking.:faint:
    Ive had no such luck as yet thank God.;)
  14. How awful i wold be hopping mad.:pout:
    The inside is so:yucky: its common coutesy (for me it is anyway) to at least clean it up b4 selling it and package it appropriately.
    I wouldnt let my bag get in to such a state and im not the tidest of people at all times.
    I do hope you sort something out.
    If not you could sell it again clean it up and describe it as it is.
    Paypal should have taken your side.
    Let us know what happens.
  15. I cannot believe the popcorn! That is actually beyond disgusting. Wow. Shocked.