***the saddest little color in the whole wide world... a REVEAL***


Jul 27, 2008
once upon a time, there was a little color, who was the saddest color in the whole wide world...

everywhere he went, the skies were gloomy and the clouds were dark and it rained and rained.


every other color in the rainbow avoided him because a dark grey cloud just seemed to follow him everywhere he went. but little grey (for that was his name) was not naturally a gloomy child, but circumstance just seemed to make him so.

so it was no wonder that as the days went by, he became gloomier and gloomier.

he looked at all the colors around him and he was very sad.

one day he could bear it no more, and asked him mother, "mommy, why am i the saddest color in the whole wide world? why couldn't i be born like little red - full of passion, love and rage... or little yellow - bright and sunny... or little pink - like bubblegum so sweet... or little green - the color of life... or little blue - calm and peaceful... or even little silver - who is my cousin but sparkles in the moonlight? look at me! so glum and... GREY!" and a stream of tears fell from his eyes.

little grey's mother felt very very sad, but she knew that her little one was destined for greater, bigger things in life...

she promised him "little grey, one day, your time will come..."

the days passed and nothing changed...

until one day, a brilliant shoemaker in paris looked around and needed something special for his shoe... and he saw little grey in his dreams, and he knew this was the one. so he sought out little grey, and showed him his wonderful creation... "little grey, do you think you can do me the honor, of making this shoe one of the most spectacular shoes in the whole wide world?"

little grey was stunned. he stared at the shoe, at the magnificent beauty of it, and all of a sudden, it became clear to him, that this was his destiny... he whispered "yes of course"...

and he was no longer the saddest color in the world... and how could he, when he had helped to create this:


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