The sad little Coach journey :(

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  1. Hey guys I havn't posted on here in forever, but of course have not stopped loving Coach. I'm living in my means right now being a 21 yr old in school and working. I hadn't bought something Coach sinch a capacity wristlet at the outlet, so I thought I deserved some! I live literally 10 minutes away from the Aurora, IL outlet and get bored of the Coach store since everytime I go it doesn't have much I like! So I brought my boyfriend on a little road trip to the Michigan City, IN one to see what they had. From me that outlet is like 2 hrs for me that was the longest out of my way I have driven to an outlet..usually I just hit them on the way of traveling. I get there at 7:00 pm and turn into the parking lot and it's deserted..and im like OH NO:crybaby::crybaby:. So i go and ask a security guy what time they closed and he's like 6 for winter hours. I didn't even think about it because the one by me still closes at 9 on weekends. So I sadly go to the Coach store and just look in for 5 mins and the selection looked pretty nice! I was so sad..but then we went out to eat and I was slightly happier lol, but it really sucked!
  2. Awww, so sorry to hear that! You probably didn't miss much! I went to mine today and didn't find the everyday bag I was looking for!
  3. Aww that is too bad I am so sorry to hear that I know exactly what you are talking about as far as the area grew up about an 45-hour outside of Chicago depnding on the traffic in the far north suburbs you know there is also a coach outlet right across the border in Kenosha wisconsin I used to live like 5 minutes from there too. If you take 94 on in to wisconsin you can't miss it it is at the prime outlet and exit off of 165 that actually might be a faster drive for you. and as far as I know they stay open till 9.
  4. Thumbs down for winter hours!:tdown:
    Stop by the closer outlet next week, I hear they are having awesome deals right now!
  5. I'm so sorry you drove so far and the outlet was already closed. Better luck next time.
  6. I just looked and your right it's def closer!! TY :smile:
  7. Your Welcome
  8. Winter hours are unheard of in my neck of the woods. On sunday most malls/shopping centers close at 6pm.
  9. Wow, winter hours? Never heard of that! Sorry you had such bad luck though!
  10. Omg Aurora is where i go!! its like a 40 minute drive but i go anyways! I find good stuff there sometimes but your right sometimes they dont have much! That sucks that u missed out! I know you were disappointed! i have to go to that outlet sometime if you said they have a goood selection.
  11. I've never been anywhere with winter hours... hmm, we must not get enough snow in Pittsburgh. That's a big bummer.
  12. Yeah, I hate those winter hours as well... they have 'em at our outlets as well... i spent 2 hrs at coach last time and had barely 20 min to go to another store, they started asking everybody to leave shortly after we entered, and i felt "kiked out" even tho it was only 6:20 pm LoL... Usually they're open till eight... Sorry that they were closed, maybe next time you can try it again, since it's not too far from you. Hope you'll find something you love next time!
  13. What on earth is that supposed to mean?
  14. That stinks! Hopefully you'll have better luck next time you decide to go shopping.

    By the way, your dogs are absolutely beautiful!!
  15. I think she means kicked out. I think.