The Sac Rayures Club!

  1. Introducing my Sac Rayures GM:yahoo:!
    Can't wait for you guys to get yours:tup: Please don't forget to post pics!
    sr1.JPG sr2.JPG sr4.JPG sr3.JPG srtag2.JPG
  2. Biancaboo--I absolutely LOVE this bag! Can you please post some modeling pics?
  3. kimalee got the pm! i love it with the white and orange stripes...
  4. Congrats!!! I like it!! There's an orange stripe version also, right? It think I saw it the other day at SCP. But, I like the blue version!
  5. here you go....
  6. yes, she did! it's gorgeous! hope she'll post some pics here on this thread soon!
  7. yes, that's the pm one. :smile:

    thanks everyone!
  8. yep, here's my PM! I'm working on more pics...hopefully I can post more soon!
    a.jpg b.jpg
  9. yehey!!! your sac rayures pm is gorgeous, kimalee!!!
  10. still waiting on mine (the messenger) then we'll have one of each in here, store only recieved the PM so far and that's already sold
  11. So, the GM size is only with the blue stripe and the PM is only with the orange stripe?
  12. the messenger is really gorgeous, too! can't wait for you to get it!
  13. i believe so...
  14. Thanks so much, I love it! Your GM is to die for! If only I could have gotten both...:girlsigh:
  15. yup.