The Sac Plat....

  1. I have been thinking about purchasing the Sac Plat as my next bag. It looks like it's a good everyday bag. Does anyone else have it? If you own it, what are your opinions about the bag? I guess my only concern about the bag is that it looks like something you go grocery shopping with. Am I wrong? :sad:

    There's probably a thread about this bag already... but it would be nice to get CURRENT opinions on it. :smile:

    Take care and look forward to some replies :smile: :tup:
  2. i actually want one for myself, but i just can't decide which one to get!
  3. Yeah I have tried on the Damier and the Mono Sac Plat.. they both are nice. I am just not sure if I could leave the Mono :sad:
  4. I love the sac plat!!!
  5. It seems kinda impractical, imho, just because it's so tall and thin... I wonder if anyone has some modeling pics?
  6. I have a cerises sac plat. I bought it used in great condition from let-trade about 6 months ago and I have used it on and off since then. I really like it because you don't see it all the time and it's very chic. It's handheld and fits on your arm like a speedy would. You do have to strategically place your stuff in it because it is deep.
  7. I love it in Epi... but it would look fab in Azur!
  8. I saw it yesterday and I love it.. I think it would be great for traveling and for shopping.. I can see things getting lost in it if you stuff it to full. I say get the sac plat in damier or epi it is lovely.
  9. I have the Cerises sac plat also. THE one most impractical bag I own, hands down.
    I personally have toted it MAYBE twice. Never as a purse, only as a briefbag for my laptop. My mom has a cerises also and used to use it as her church bag because she teaches Sunday school at church and it matches her other cherry items I got her. She also chalks it up as her least favorite bag I've gotten her.

    I say pass on it. I dont have much good to say about it. Resale value tends to be lower because it's not as popular also I've found.
  10. I like it in Damier...but it looks like it wouldn't hold very much...well, maybe if you stack things....
  11. I don't care for it. Sorry!
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  13. I am not a fan of the sac plat. I really don't care for it on many people. You have to be tall and thin to carry one. I usually don't care about body type and which bag, but this one is not one that looks good on everyone.
  14. I read your other thread about the manhattan ... I say go with that one instead!
  15. the only sac plat i'm considering to get is the denim one :p
    but it's too thin and it'll get bulky under there if i put too much stuffs :sad:
    it's more of a document bag to me