The "Sac Louis" Club :-)

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  1. Please post your precious Sac Louis bags here :smile:


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  2. :woohoo: a sac louis club LVoe Ranag... one day ay :girlsigh:
  3. Me too heychar.. one day!!!

    Can't wait to see more postings to this thread!:nuts:
  4. The color is amazing! Luv the pillow!
  5. The pillow is the favorite part of all of this for my husband! lol! He is just fascinated with it :P

    I know there are some gorgeous Sac Louis bags on this forum... don't be shy about posting them gals! :flowers:
  6. OOOh Ranag...your bag is soooo gorgeous...I have ordered mine and I can't wait for it, I hope it won't take up to 6 months! Felt the leather before and it was so nice and soft...yeah, my DH too was shocked to see that it came with lamb skin pillow...LOL
    I ordered the CHOCOLAT...mmmm
  7. What a gorgeous bag!!!

    What's the story behind it? Is it super LE or SO?

    (Sorry, this is one bag I know nothing about!)
  8. Actually it is neither a special order nor a limited edition piece. It is by invitation only. I have no idea how they choose the people they invite.

    Most SA's at Louis Vuitton do not even know what this bag is and have never seen one. It is all done very hush-hush.

    When you get one of these bags, the interior plaque with your name on it gets copied into an archive in Paris. I really need to ask more about the history of this bag! lol! I was just so happy to have been invited to get one :smile:
  9. The name "Sac Louise" makes this bag impossible to google.... thanks so much for sharing.
  10. my pics.... I really wish I were able to get two of these bags because I would most definitely have gotten white and navy...

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  11. ^^photomama24...what a stunning bag, congrats! Oooooh....the more I look at it, the more am drooling over it....mmmmm:drool:
  12. OMG, what a GORGEOUS bag!!! :drool:

    How do you get an invitation? It that something an SA needs to do? Or does it depend on how much you've spent?

    I doubt I'll be getting in invite, so I need to live vicariously through you guys! :P
  13. Congrats Ranag & Photomama. I got an invite. I think if I decide to get it, I will go with a light cream.
  14. BA you have to get this BAG! The leather it self is tdf. Also what if there isnt a second chance to get it.
  15. If one does get an invite how much are they approximately? Hope that is not too personal...thanks and they are absolutely stunning....I am dreaming of sac louis now...